Rated T for Alcohol


Sonnet 3

Crazy places, new faces, more changes.

I see you over a bottle of gin

Tall, dark and handsome, exuding dangers

I knew you were trouble when you walked in.

I didn't listen to my head or heart

I just heard you whisper, sweet nothings, lies.

Got being a player down to an art

You can't lie, the truth is clear in your eyes.

Sorry but my heart isn't broken now

I kept it locked away, so safe and sound

You gave your best shot, now take a bow

Player got played, now isn't that profound

So now I hate the player not the game

Womanising bastards, you're all the same

_,∙~* Inspired by Taylor Swift *~∙,_

I wrote this after hearing Taylor Swifts song 'I knew you were trouble' for the katrillionth time, I really like it but I suppose when you over play songs things happen.

Love it? Hate it? Think I should stop writing about things I don't know? Tell me, tell me!