For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb.

(Psalm 139:13)

Finding a confidant in the old woman, if only for a day,

The girl told her story, as much as she could bear to say.

She told of her mother, her false prince, her father,

How she felt that no earthly man would ever truly love her.

The woman asked, "Your baby's a girl, then?"

Because if he were a boy, you'd be loved by him."

The teen's hand came to rest on her unborn child.

The thoughts in her mind suddenly went wild.

A barely-felt kick from that baby, a small sign of life,

And the girl's heart nearly broke, as though sliced by a knife.

She was horrified now at what she had come so close to doing,

To killing her baby, God's gift, this small human being.

She thanked the old woman and then hurried across town,

Anxious to see her baby for the first time, in an ultrasound.

She watched the screen with bright eyes


By each heartbeat, movement and yawn

And cried when they told her that she was having a son.

She closed her eyes, thanking God for all of His gifts,

But most of all for her little prince.

I came up with this sequel poem at 10pm last night. I don't feel like I quite hit the mark with the first poem, so I wrote this, to try and get what I wanted to say said. I hope you like it.

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