Constrictors Bite {TF} - I'll explain that later!

Alyssa had an annoying life. Just because she was pretty and well-built didn't mean her life was going to be good. She had a silly little job that paid a pittance and everyone thought she was bitchy. Well that's was only because she hated her life. She just wished that it would get infinitely better, but the chances of that happening were close to none.

Alyssa lived in London, United Kingdom. Bermondsey to be precise. She was 5" 4', 19 years old, had glossy, shoulder length, black hair and her best assets, her E-cup breasts and her good sized, smooth bum. Despite their relatively large size on her small frame, Alyssa tits were surprisingly firm and didn't need a push-up bra to give her a good cleavage. Yet despite these assets, guys only fantasized about her. They never considered going out with her, believing she was untrustworthy. If guys ever invited to bed, they were usually drunk and smelly, the sorts who went to the kebabery she worked at. And she hated it. ALL of it

Alyssa woke up on a Saturday morning. Stretching her arms high in the air and yawning, she smacked her lips and smiled at the prospect of not having to do anything today. She could have a slinky, kinky day in, walking around naked and having fun. Since almost all of her neighbours would be out, she could make lots of noise in her flat and not have anyone hear! At heart, Alyssa liked boys. They were nice to have fun with, IF she got one. But her experience with life told her that girls were better to love. In theory that made her bisexual. In practice, she was a full-on lesbian who lied to go with guys occasionally, which actually happened to be never. Her lesbianism was the only that kept her going in life. The prospect of seducing girls or having threesomes, foursomes, all the way up to ten-girl group sex, was just exciting. Sadly, the latter rarely happened, but it had once, and she wanted more.

Resting her arms by her side, she felt her left arm lie on something that was out of place. A smooth, almost slimy tube. Wondering what it she squeezed it gently. There was hiss and the pipe moved! Alyssa's eyes went wide and she turned her head to see the whatever it was. There, on her bed, lay a huge snake. It's was a Constrictor, it's brown scales glinting in the early morning sun. It turned its own head and stared into Alyssa's eyes with its own beady little ones. The two gazed at each other for what seemed like hours, but was really just a couple of seconds. Unexpectedly, the snake lashed out and bit Alyssa's exposed breasts, one after the other, in a split-second, before it dashed away. Alyssa's reflexes were ultimately too slow and by the she had pulled away and covered her breasts, the snake had already disappeared through a mouse-hole Alyssa looked down at her boobs, which oddly, didn't hurt a bit. Examining her mounds of flesh, she saw just one prick of blood in them. They were very close to the areola, virtually on the border. But then she nipples had been widened slightly. It appeared to have bitten her inside the nipple and into the mammary glands.

'What an accurate aim,' she thought to herself, getting out of bed to make a cup of tea. She couldn't help wondering, however., why it had bitten her. Constrictors don't bite after-all... or do they?

As the kettle boiled the water, Alyssa got a piece of kitchen towel and wiped away the spots of her blood.

"There," she thought aloud, "Nothing to worry about." she finished with a smile. With the kettle not yet done, she picked up the remote for the mini LCD television she kept in the kitchen. As always, it was the news, but the article the anchors were displaying made Alyssa's original impulse to change the channel vanish.

"This is the BBC London news at 9. Good Morning, I'm Fiona Bruce and we bring you an urgent message. Scientists at the London Wildlife Institute have announced that an extremely dangerous snake has escaped from a transport vehicle and is on the loose somewhere in Bermondsey. Residents are advised to not approach the large, brown coloured constrictor-type snake as it is a new species recently discovered in The Congo and has not been analysed. As it's capabilities are unknown, residents are also advised to not allow the creature to bite them, as a precaution. If you are bitten, please seek out immediate attention from the LWI for quarantine procedures. If all else fails, just scream, it always works-"

Alyssa muted the TV, and Fiona carried on talking in silence.

"Oh... My... GOD!" Alyssa screamed. She ran back to her room and pulled on a t-shirt and some jeans, not even bothering to put on a bra or panties, yet still found time to put on her wristwatch. Grabbing her keys, she ran out of the flat and slammed the door. Jumping down the three flights of stairs, she ran out into the car park, looking for her Fiesta. She found it, but as she fumbled for her keys, she dropped them. They fell into a drain just as she grabbed for them.

"Noo!" she yelled. She felt more alert, hyperactive. The snake had doen something to her. Her legs itched, but Alyssa ignored it. Instead, she sprinted away to the market place. Running past Mandela Way, she stopped and blinked. What the hell was up with her eyes? She looked at the old T-34 tank abandoned in the brush. It seemed almost blue. But the bird perched atop the gun, chirping happily, seemed orange.

"But that's a Blackbird... why's it orange?" Getting more and more anxious, Alyssa continued her sprint to find help. Perhaps she should've just called an ambulance? Too late now, she'd left her phone behind.

Eventually after several minutes, she reached the market area. It was already packed full of people. 'Just one more alleyway to go,' she thought, 'Then I can call for help.'

But she never reached the nearest stall. An abrupt pain seared though her crotch. With barely so much as a yelp, she hit the floor and convulsed. All thoughts abandoned her, replaced by pain. Everything seemed to darken as the excruciating burning sensation filled her body. Her spine cricked back as it began to lengthen. Fabric tore as it pierced the skin and the jeans. It was quickly covered by skin as it extended to several metres longer than it had been. Somehow, it then started to thicken up, a ribcage growing into empty skin and expanding it. As it amplyfied its size, it ripped open the jeans and augmented her legs into its construction. Alyssa's eyes rolled back into her head as the leg bones dissolved and modified into internal organs, extending, bulking up or even replacing and moving her originals. The affliction made its way to just under her arms and the agonising process of growth began once again. Skin, muscle and bone pushed out from underneath her arms and reduced her t-shirt to tatters. Moments later, they replicated her limbs, save for the numerous moles and birthmarks. The process went up to her eyes very quickly before moving to her chest, the results of which broke the t-shirt completely. The modification process finally went back to the extended spine and also to Alyssa's head. Coloured scales dug through the skin and arranged themselves into patterns. Her hair fell out, put was briskly replaced and her ears pointed themselves like an elf's. In less than 5 minutes Alyssa was transformed into something else, part human, part animal. But Alyssa, bless her, didn't know it. She thought the snakes venom was killing her. Eventually the throb of pain was reduced to tingling. Alyssa, her head spinning, tried to get up, but her hands felt too sensitive to use, yet at the same time, they were fine. Alyssa pulled her head up groggily and stared at the end of the alley. She could hear voices, blurred by dizziness Crawling forward, she moaned with every pull. She grabbed the wall and heaved herself to her feet, which felt so strangely like a foot. Not felling her legs, Alyssa had no choice but shuffle along the wall, mind still blinded enough for her not to realise her nakedness. After what seemed like an eternity, she reached the end of the alleyway and she giggled woozily, smiling as she felt warm sunlight hit her face. Now someone would discover her.

"FREEZE!" a voice bellowed from her left. Surprised, Alyssa recoiled and stared at the shocking sight. Metropolitan Police in full riot gear stood in a defensive line, shields at the ready, while a second row pointed H&K G36C assault rifles at her. Her eyes widened in shock. Needless to say, someone had discovered her and overreacted at her condition.

"Hello? I'm dying here?! Stop pointing guns and get me to a hospital! Like now?!" she shouted at the policemen. The riot-officers didn't move an inch, but they did cock their rifles, the metallic clacks slicing through the air. Alyssa turned white at this unnerving event.

"There's nothing to shoot? Why are pointing those guns at me? Please don't kill me... I haven't done anything wrong, I just got bitten by a wild snake! I'm filled with pain, don't make it worse!" Tears welled up in her eyes, fear largely taking over, "Please don't kill me..." she croaked, before she began sobbing. She brought a balled-up fist to her face to wipe away the tears. But when it touched her cheek, something hit her mouth at the same time. Opening her eyes, Alyssa looked down, confused. Her eyes dilated at the sight of a second right hand. She blinked a couple of times, believing it to be double vision. But it remained in her sight. Blinking furiously, she desperately tried to make it go away. It didn't. Shocked, she followed the hand down the arm with her eyes until it ended underneath her right-arm... well, upper right arm. The fear grew worse. Shaking from the unforgiving shock, the girl looked cautiously over her body. The sights were too much for her.

"What the FUCK is this?!" she shrieked She attempted to pull herself away from the grotesque image below her, but every movement she made seemed to be copied. It dawned on her that 'this' was part of her.

"What's happened to me?! Get this off of me! Nooooo! Get off GET OFF!" she screamed hysterically. There was *CRACK!* and something penetrated her abdomen. Fearing she had been shot, she heeded downwards and saw a dart sticking from between four large, dirty white, scaly started to reclaim her vision and her changed body began to feel numb. Unable to stay upright, she collapsed in a heap on the floor, the tranquilliser taking effect. Before she blacked out she heard one last thing, a man speaking to her.

"I'm sorry darling, but it's for your own good."