It was the night before Christmas, and all through the house

Most of the creatures were sleeping… Except for me, I'm the Mouse.

No, not a real mouse, though that's not what I want to share.

My story is how I was hoping Santa soon would be there.

"Mouse, go to sleep," my mother did yell,

But this was one night that in the living room I would dwell.

"He's not real, Mouse, by now you should know

That Santa and his reindeer just won't show!"

I disregarded this and went back to my waiting

Ignoring everything my mother was stating.

"You watched us put the gifts under the tree!

You can't seriously ignore that!" said she.

With a huff she left, leaving me to my chore,

Which at some point did become quite a bore.

I fell asleep around eleven o' two,

But was woken by, not what, but who!

A large man in a hat and a suit of red came into the room!

Unfortunately, it was my father walking by on his way to the bathroom.

Again I was asleep, but this time at eleven twenty-three

A jingling was the sound that awoke me.

I looked up the chimney, but found nothing at all

I did find, though, my cat playing with a toy ball.

At eleven thirty I heard yelling from outside,

But it was just some drunk guy, with a bottle by his side.

Eleven thirty-five and the police had arrived

To arrest the poor drunk guy, who seemed hygienically deprived.

Eleven fourty-two and I started to drift

When all of a sudden, I heard the chimney shift.

"Blast it!" came a shout. "These things used to be bigger!"

And out of the chimney came a man whose eyes held a glimmer.

"Oh oh, out of bed, are we Mouse?"

Said the man who had just used the chimney to enter my house.

I gawked and glared at the man in front of me

And in return he smiled a chuckled with glee.

"I'll let it go just once," said the large jolly man.

And then he pulled out a present for my sister Jan.

He put it in her stocking and then put one in for my mom

One for dad, and one for my brother Tom.

The last little gift he gave to me

A gift I was very glad to get to see.

It was a picture of the northern lights, from close up in fact

A picture like this would surely to my family seem abstract.

I look up at the man, and he looked to me,

And with a smile on his face, he turned to the tree.

"A marvelous sight, I dare say,

The best one I've seen since I got into my sleigh."

With a wink and chuckle, he began his ascent

Back up the chimney, leaving behind a peppermint scent.

"Goodnight Mouse, and Merry Christmas!" he called.

When I told my mother this, she would be appalled.

I called back to him and heartfelt thank you

And went to my room to let the events of those few moments stew.

I had seen Santa Clause, that was for sure,

But should I tell everyone what I had just had been pleased to endure?

I fell asleep at twelve o' nine, several hours after my watch began

Thinking it had been a treat for only me to see the jolly man.

I didn't say a word about my watch the night before

And no one actually asked about my "childish chore".

One thing for sure though, something plain to see:

I saw Santa, and he was as real as you and me.