Trials of death and love.

Fallen friends of those memories.

Life means nothing to those left behind.

Laying in a coffin of blood red flowers.

As tears of blue falls on your cold face.

I cry for you as I remember that day.

That day you tried to be noble with that blood running through your veins.

I beg you not to go.

I beg you to keep your life.

Instead of heeding my advice.

You glare at me with steel grey eyes.

"I cannot do that." You say to me and stand your ground firm.

I wanted to scream and say you are idiot.

Risking your life for approvals of others.

But I hold my tongue, knowing things will get worst.

I look in your eyes that turn my heart to stone.

You will face these trials of death, forgetting the love we had.

So I clench my hand and bite my lip, forcing back the tears.

I turn away and walk away. 'Soon you will be bruise, burn and unable to walk.

While I stand by and let you kill yourself.

I sigh and wipe away forgotten tears that you will never see.

Then I send you smile warmth.

Showing you that I am alright even though that is lie.

I feel your warm hand on my cheek and your brown eyes staring into my soul.

"I know you cry, I know you cry for me." You speak those words in a whisper.

"Don't cry please, don't cry."

Those words bring tears to my eyes and I say "you idiot."

Then I yell with the anger and sadness that was in held in my chest.

"How can I not cry when you're killing your body."

Your body, bandage from head to toe.

You stare at me and I just want to go.

To leave so I wouldn't have to see those lovely brown eyes that begs me to stay.

But you grab me and pull me back into this world of pain.

You embrace me in a hug that only cause hurt.

I close my eyes and begin to cry.

Then I beg once again in a cracking voice.

End this dangerous game that plays with my heart.

This trial of death isn't a game to my heart.