Chapter 1

"Whew, finally cleared another boss. Damn this RPG is so hard, it might be a while for me to reach the recommended level based on this guide, before proceeding to beat the last boss of this dungeon."

After reaching the nearest save point before the last boss, I used the 'Tent' item to restore my party members' HP and MP. It's such a relief since there's been so many tough yet lengthy fights lately without any save points to record my progress, in fact this is the first time I've encountered one after few hours of playing cautiously in order not to screw up along the way.

Thank goodness there's no blackout, my sister's away with her friends for today, and my parents are currently on their lovey-dovey vacation. So practically it's just me taking all the fun of using this big television on the living room, bringing my consoles in, plugging the video and audio cables to the TV, connecting the console adaptor to the power source. And since it's also my day off from school, it's truly a paradise for me!

"Okay then, I'll save my progress now."

My memory cards were getting full lately, I might have to buy another one. There's already this stack of new games I bought, which depletes my entire vacation savings...thank goodness there's still a huge summer discount going. Or I might have to beg my parents for much more which I find really embarrassing to do.

I made sure to save this one in two different memory cards, and as the spaces in both of them were already filled with my old saves, I suppose I have to overwrite one of them in each memcards.

"Yeah done, progress saved...damn I'm tired already."

Come to think of it, I've been sitting on this sofa and grabbing my controller for hours, rendering my body sluggish as I tried to stand up and finally move my body around. My eyes also hurt from staring at the television too much. I really need some rest...

Ah look, it's afternoon already. I might go get some juice from the fridge. My sis already have lunch ready for me in the freezer, which I only have to heat up in the microwave when I feel like eating. Though for dinner I guess I'll go visit some cheap places for eating out, she also left the money on the dining table for me...she's really considerate didn't she?

As I tried walking towards the fridge near the dining room...


It's the sound of my cellphone ringing. Judging from the tone which I set up earlier, it seems to be a text message, who might it be? I don't have a lot of friends at school, and to narrow it down...I usually get messages when someone tries reminding me of these group assignments or...

"Just like I thought, it's from my sis."

Or it's from my sis, telling me that she had some inconvenience she wanted to tell me beforehand, but she's being to busy for even calling me.

Talk about being considerate, well nobody's perfect I guess.

And what kind of excuses did she want to tell me this time?

Well, I suppose I'll give this one another shot.

[From Shizuka nee-san

Ohai Kuruta-kun, your cousin Maki is coming to visit our place shortly. I just got the call from him that he's already on his way from the bus station to our house. Please take care of him 'kay? I currently got my hands full dealing with these ridiculous peeps...your help is truly appreciated. I promise that I'll go treat you and Maki to dinner by the time I went please hang on.]

"Sigh, it doesn't seem that convincing at all to write long text messages like this if she's that busy."

"Yup yup..."

"Glad that you agreed with me...EHHHHHH?"

I saw my cousin Maki standing behind me. Even though he's a boy, his physical features are quite feminine. These cutely shaped short hair that reaches his neck, along with his exotic blond hair color was enough to made me stare at him for so long, though I couldn't stand staring at his glimmering bluish eyes for so long as the sparkle of this pair of oceanic gems seem to immerse me towards an oblivious state of mind.

"Stop molesting me with your eyes, perv!"

Though even if he's so cute...there still stands the fact that he's still a boy, who's years younger than me on top of that. His short and slender stature that's without any body fat made me thought that he would look great in girls' clothes. Not to mention his silky smooth white skin that I touched a few times when I tried giving him a handshake.

"My bad..."

Come to think of it, how did he get there anyway? And how did he managed to slip past by me unnoticed? It can't be...he possessed the secret ninja technique of presence concealment! Ohohoho I don't know that my family was a descendant of the Legendary Ninja Family of Wakka Wakka Jabba Jabba Jabba.

"N-no...d-don't worry about it, Kururu. I...just want to surprise you, that's all.."

"Oi, did you said something just before?"

"F-forget 'bout I'm hungry so please made me some lunch!"


Anyway, he just wore some casual clothing like T-shirt and ordinary pants, if you're asking.


"I didn't cook often so that's the best thing I can do, stop yer bitchin' already."

I made him some omelette. There's still eggs ready at the fridge, along with some leftover meats from last night. Even if I didn't cook much since my sis were always there to cook food for me, I love experimenting with all the remaining ingredients in order to create a satisfying dish. There's a sense of accomplishment whenever I succeed on cooking stuff, furthermore after tasting it myself, or even more when I cook for the other people and they liked it alot.

"It's surprising how a sloppy guy like you could cook at all."

"What did you say?"

"N-nothing...this thing's not bad...I guess."

Seriously he acts like such a spoiled brat and he's mostly annoying. But there's times when this person actually manages to act like a civilized human being, that is, when he's engrossed in something, like enjoying his food for example.

"Glad you like it, Makki."

Makki is my nickname for him as he usually call me 'Kururu'. My actual name's Kuruta though, it's derived from Kurumi and Shota, which means little boy. To make the long story's short, my parents was expecting a daughter when I was born, so they originally planned to name me Kurumi, but since I turned out to be an ordinary guy at all, they lazily add the 'shota' to my name and there goes Kuruta.

To make things even shorter, my 'behind' was practically taken by a 'shota'.

"I-it's not that I like it or's just...I'm so hungry..."

"Don't talk while you're eating, you silly brat."


And although he's so irritating at times, he becomes pretty obedient to someone who gives him food.


Come to think of it, I haven't had lunch yet. Though these things could wait later as I'm not really hungry at the moment. Moreover, I've got to watch this annoying cousin who really gives me the feel of having a younger brother.


He moves the omelette to his mouth, licking the edges with passion. He nibbles upon the soft texture, while basking in pleasure from...

Ah, he already finished his meal.

"By the way Makki, why did you come here all of sudden?"

"I just want to come here, isn't that enough?"

Well actually, we're on the first day of the week-full holiday called the Silver Week, it happens around the start of summer. So it's not really wrong for him to come and play around at this place.

"Hah, I'm fine with it...but did you tell your parents beforehand about this?"

"T-that is..."

His body trembles as he stood up from his seat.

"Did you run away from home again, just like the last time?"



If he got his parents' permission, they will be the ones calling me first to inform me that their son will be visiting this place. What's going on with their family this time?

"Well...I won't ask anything more, so please just relax around until your mind finally calms down."

I decided to do so because he seems to be on the verge of tearing up, trying his best in order to act casually, just like any other young boy out there who's having hard, depressing times.



What's with this sudden turn of events? Why did this cousin of mine become so cute and obedient? This doesn't feel right at all!

Whatever, I'll just put up with him until he finally agreed to come back home, just like the last time.