Chapter 10

"You know Kuruta, I've actually talked with Makki's parents while I was away."

Shizuka-sis started speaking after she drove the car for a while, with me at the front seat and Makki at the back.

"And what of it, sis?"

"That aside, I've overhead you guys talking earlier. What I'm saying is, I think you must be misunderstanding things at that moment. Especially the statement which implies that they're a bit repulsive when it comes to the topic 'futanari'."

"What do you mean?"

"It's more about the fact that they're being overprotective about him, you know full well what happens when a futanari gets too stimulated."


You seriously didn't think that everything written in H mangas were true, right sis?

I looked around at the back seat to see that Makki had been listening to us at full intent, though his eyes were eyeing me with such looks which sends shivers down my spine, it's not violent but it seems he had a some kind of craving similar to a hunger, or even lust..

Makki...don't tell

"There's a rest area, we'll park the car here and go eat something, okay?"


I got so engrossed in our talks that I didn't realize we've already arrived at some rest area, and it seems that we've rode through a highway just before too.

The cold night air flew around me as Shizuka sis opened up the window, she then took a pack of cigarette and lighter from the car's cabinet in front of my seat. Putting one of them in her mouth, and lightning it up with the lighter, she starts blowing loads of smoke in the car; Makki and I started coughing all of sudden because we're really uncomfortable with it.

"Cough...cough...sis...if you want to smoke, can't you please do it outside?"

"Very well."

She unlocked the car doors, opening it up from her side, stepping away from the car, and then she blows a load of smoke towards the night sky; the scenery of her dyed-red hair with her somewhat stern look, in addition of the black leather jacket she wore, it gives off the impression of a woman you shouldn't be messing with.

"'s so uncomfortable with the smoke, let's go out."

Makki, who had been silent this whole time, finally managed to voice his complaints. It took me by surprise when I first heard his voice again.

"Ah okay."

This time, both of us went outside the car; the air sure is cold at this night. Makki starts clinging to my arms with his body trembling about – it looks like he couldn't really stand the cold.

"I want to pee."

"Uh...that's not what you should be asking me, and with me in this current form we definitely couldn't go to the same restroom together!"

That's right, I'm currently in my female form right now.

"Uguuu...okay...I'll go alone."

With that, Makki paced away from me by himself, leaving me and Shizuka sis alone together; sis was still smoking the bits out of her cigar for a few minutes before finally throwing away the remnants of it towards the ground.

"You should notice it already that it was Makki who pulled your true self under the cover, seeing he's curious and such to see it."


Yeah, I do noticed it for a while ago after I got into the restroom and finally changed my clothes in one of the stalls – the skin on my bodysuit couldn't be easily scathed just by a splash of milkshake; he must have added something in there which would cause this kind of deterioration.

In my mind, I still can't forgive him for what he did just to ease his curiosity, but when I remember his face again – looking at me with such lust, and that he seem to be pretty used to truly made me warm and fuzzy instead, even more it made me tingle that I've got the dirty notion of taking advantage of him for what he's done earlier.


And there was silence again before Shizuka sis started taking out another cigar.

"Shouldn't you stop smoking? It's not good for your health, you know...women who smoked a lot wouldn't be able to have a healthy child."

"Who cares anyway? It's not like I want to be a mother anyway, or have a relationship on top of that – I just wanted to be free, that's all."

Me and Shizuka sis had a huge age gap that's about seven years apart, even more than me and Makki, who's about two years younger than me. I couldn't really understand what she thought at all, seeing that she's already a grown up when I was still a kid. There was once a time when she starts arguing with our parents alot, mostly about how she declines the prospect of marriage and forming relationships – that she always wanted to become a free woman.

Being able to have a romantic time with everyone she desired in mind, but not much as to form a strong bond of romance – she always hated the commitment in relationships, that it's really dull just to be with one partner.

In the end, our parents had pretty much given up on her, they still speak to her like usual, although it's in a really distant way to me. I could tell that a rift had been formed between our parents and their daughter, the one that won't ever be filled again – unless one of the sides decide to finally acknowledge the other. And by that, I'm saying that our parents were still angry about the path which Shizuka sis choose, they will keep alienating her until she breaks down and could easily be placed under their control.

"You might not be appropriate to call you Kuruta anymore, seeing that you're currently a girl on top of it all."

"I don't mind sis, I'm still the old me so feel free to call me that."


"Hey! What's so funny?"

Shizuka sis started laughing out of the blue, still holding out the cigarette without lightning it up. Then she started walking up closer to me; the pungent smell of cigars from her made me reflexively cover my nose with my hands, though she pretty much ignores it rather than taking it as an offensive sign.

"You know...Kuruta, I might stop smoking forever if you...pssst...psttt...psst...with me, I've always fantasized about doing it with a futanari."

"N-no way...and no you can't do it!"

If we did it, this story will pretty much become R-Rated!

"'re right, that's probably what Makki feels to, I could really feel it by looking at his 'horny' expression."

Sis...please don't use these vulgar terms, please?

"Well, he's probably went out towards the restroom so he could fap himself off until he's finally satisfied."

Ah! You finally said finally said it! Oh man, what am I going to do now?

"Kuruta, don't you understand? It's partly your fault that I can't be attracted to people strong enough to form a relationship with them, most of them would definitely be boring, because I already been with you for a long time now, right? Please understand, I really want to do it with you so much for a long time now."


Uh, I finally said it too.

"Isn't the age of consent of this country 13 or 14? That means you can do it with Makki if both of you consented on it..."

"Ummm...what are both of you talking about? Uhh...I don't understand...mmhhh..."

And behind us, Makki was standing with his face fully red. Yes, I think he's definitely lying, he must had understood what we've been talking about, otherwise he wouldn't have that kind of expression on his face.


"Kuruta, if you didn't told me to smoke outside, I probably won't be considerate enough to do it, even if it would make you irritated."


"In this world, you can't get anything you want if you're being too considerate of others. Sometimes it's better to wait until they start acting assertive before you finally decided when to stop, you get what I meant?"

"No, not in the slightest."

" put it simply, it's just like between Makki and his parents. You do realize that they were acting out of selfishness, didn't you? It's just seem that way, and the only way to make them stop was for Makki to speak his mind out."

"...I guess you're right about that."

Instead of heading back to our homes, we took another way towards Makki's house; it was quite a spacious house with western-styled architecture which resembles a small-sized mansion, still it's the kind of place that only the wealthy ones could get.

"Before Makki finally comes back after talking things out with his parents, I have a story which I wanna tell you, in order to make you understand about what's going on, it made me really shocked myself when I first heard it from Makki's mother."


"First of all, what kind of motive is strong enough to keep his parents moving on the workplaces? At first I wasn't too surprised when they first stated that it's because of the unreasonable job requirements of the company, but what astonished me is they're not moving places because their company requires them to do so – they simply changed jobs every so often and moved into different places whenever they feel like it. Now that sounds fishy, and moreover, his father was getting restless about it lately, I believe the truth should have come up soon enough before it's too late."

Huh? Now that you mention it...

"I couldn't think of the reason why Makki's father couldn't stay in one place and one job for a long time. And so today I came to his wife in order to ask about the problem, and guess what I've found?"

"Well Shizuka-sis, I have no idea."

She lights up another cigar and blows the smoke outta it again whilst leaning beside me against her car which were parked in front of the house, and with a playful grin, she goes on to announce the moment of truth.

"Makki's father is a futanari just like you, Kuruta."


"Pssst...keep your voice down...let me start from the beginning, okay?"


It was back in the afternoon when Shizuka sis went to visit Makki's parents just to confirm her suspicion about what's truly going on. It seems like she had received Makki's message beforehand that he's going to leave this country soon after the 'accelerated graduation' process.

In short, Shizuka sis had received Makki's message ahead of me, and it implies a favor that he wants her to do something about it, since she's the one whom he placed full trust with. She's always been a reliable person and I could see that.

Makki's mom, let's say Ms. Shinichiro, told her a shocking story that Mr. Shinichiro was actually a futanari disguised as a normal guy from the usage of the bodysuit technology. But it seems that he couldn't really hid his true form for so long, you see – I understand a bit about the technology that it could only conceal your presence for a short while, let's say three months to six months, so you should change it regularly.

And those with an originally voluptuous body would have a big problem on trying to hide it as the few months passed, their skin will start to get exposed and the co-workers will start to look at them differently – they will realize that something went wrong with him.

Shizuka sis showed me a photo of a really beautiful woman with a shoulder length blond hair and a shapely figure just like a model, she looks really adorable, and beside her was a brown haired woman which gives a homely look who I'm pretty familiar with as Makki's mom.

"The one beside Makki's mother is actually the true form of Makki's father, you wouldn't ever think that stern looking old man were actually a youthful looking girl who's perfectly fit to be a cosplayer?"

"It doesn't even make sense at all, sis."

I still can't believe it...not in the slightest.

And so, Shizuka sis said to me that, within a few months the co-workers had different looks in their eyes as they started to observe each and every of Mr. Shinichiro's actions. It made him feel truly uneasy about how he started to look suspicious, and so he changed his old bodysuit every time in addition of changing jobs, most of the time since he couldn't find those job who were suitable enough for him, and were far enough that he didn't have to meet his old co-workers, it made him resentful enough to quickly move away from that city.

"That sounds pretty bogus – I mean, if Mr. Shinichiro was actually a futanari from birth, wouldn't he got accustomed it already?"

"I would say the same thing to you, Kuruta. You know there's still a belief that the society in general couldn't really accept the futanari as they were."

I stood silent when Shizuka sis said that.

"You know, the futanari mostly had their development around the adolescent age, that's the time you first started wearing bodysuits. Just before that, you just looked like an androgynous boy to me. In Mr. Shinichiro's case, I don't really know, but it seems that for some cases, the futanari would only start the secondary stage development of appearance when they were subjected to sexual stimuli, and it seems that Makki's father were one of these 'totally reserved' people."

"They must have been through a lot, huh."

"You bet."

At first, it was pretty much out of his father's selfishness which made him have to went through many unpleasant things. But then I started to understand things, it's not easy for an attractive person like this to conceal themselves; people would pretty much lust for them and they longed so much to have a taste of their body, regardless whether they're sane or not. The sex appeal were at the state where people would start to get drunk over it.

"Hey you think Makki will turn out the same way as you too? seeing as he had the futanari genes in him."

"I don't know, neither of our parents were futanari so I'm not really sure how did I end up with this body."

"Well, in your case, the doctors said it's a some kind of rare genetic mutation of recessive genes. Our family had been infused with a long bloodline of futanari you know."

"I see..."

Things were getting a bit complicated lately.

And before we knew it, our lengthy talk were suddenly stopped when the door to that house were finally opened, and from inside it, Makki finally stepped out.

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting."


I think, if Makki were actually a futanari, it might be hard for him to keep on living like this, seeing as he's mostly reserved around people. That's probably why they wanted him to stay away from me because I'm possibly the one who would give Makki the stimulus for him to underwent a 'change' which would made things uncomfortable.

"So, Makki..what did you tell them?" this time it's Shizuka sis who were asking him questions

"It's a secret, the most important thing is, that I'm finally able to live with you guys regardless of their decision to leave or stay."

This time it's Makki who's been sitting in front, and me in the back seat. We're mostly chatting about our everyday stuff, but not that much as it would distract Shizuka sis while she's driving.

"You know might be a bit late for me to say this but please take care of me, okay?"

"Same for me too."

Saying these kind of things during this moment somehow feels odd enough.


And so, time passes by like a flash as we start chatting around during the trip back to our home. At first it made me felt a bit annoyed as I probably won't be able to play my games in peace anymore, but at the same time it made me felt relieved that Makki could spend the entirety of his days as a normal student in here and graduate at the same time like everyone else.

"So, what are you going to do now that you're mostly free at the moment, Makki?"

"I don't know, when's the entrance exams for your high school, Kururu?"

"The first wave's going by this winter, probably around November or so, why do you ask?"

" just feels nice to attend the same school as you for the first time, ahaha.."


Shizuka sis just smiled at us, though she couldn't really focus herself on our current conversation as she's also trying to drive us back home. Meanwhile, it's pretty much decided that Makki's parents did approve of Shizuka sis as his guardian, since they were pretty much busy enough to deal with his academic business in which either his parents or guardian need to attend.

Contrary to many other adults out there, Shizuka sis won't concern himself too much with work, she rather spend her time hanging around with her friends to make themselves feel better, listening to their troubles and giving them the crucial support they needed the most. It's not about becoming successful by amassing tons of wealth and fortune for her.

I's by giving her best to people whom she cared about.

That's what I liked the most about her. And I'm confident that she would be perfect for Makki, to give him the affection he truly longed for. And no matter things may seem, he won't be alone anymore because there will be someone else who would lend their shoulder to him.


And so, we've finally arrived at our home. The clock currently shows up that the time's currently 9:30 PM, and neither of us were regularly asleep at that time – well I don't really know about Makki but the last time he spent in here, we managed to get through the midnight just by having fun and messing around the house, it made me overslept the next day.

After Shizuka sis unlocked the door to our house, Makki quickly runs inside after quickly throwing his shoes off towards the entrance, for whatever reason I couldn't figure.

"He might be checking out whether its true or not...about his possibility of turning into a futanari from his current condition."


"Don't worry 'bout it, I already have things arranged out in case the worst might happen, for now let's just enjoy our days as usual, shall we?"


Again, it's just me and Shizuka sis out there, standing in front of the entrance's door. For the first time, being alone with her on this night feels rather different than usual, it's just like...after seeing a different side of her today, I started to think rather differently about her, in a good way of course.

"By the way sis...there's something I want to ask you before we get in."

"What is it?"

"About the girl named Himeno Kurumi, who is she?"

It really bothers me how people mistook me for her, and that my reflection I just saw at the restroom just before, shows a really striking resemblance to her.

"You know, you're pretty silly not to realize something already. But let me say this...Himeno Kurumi is a really close friend of yours, Kuruta. She managed to help you during your greatest crisis of identity, along with so many other things. If you want to thank someone that you're still alive as for today, do thank her with all your sincerity.

Shizuka sis is right.

When I remember that girl, my heart began to race, and there's a feeling which brought about a heavenly kind of warmth from within.

"Umm...if a girl as nice as her truly exist, I want to have her as my girlfriend, but where is she? I want to see her so much."

"Listen there, even though you said 'where is she', Himeno Kurumi will always be right there, at the place so close to yourself, but you're truly dense enough not to realize her presence already." then she points out her finger right at my chest "She's right there."

"I still can't see her."

" already realize that she's already more than just a girlfriend or lover to you, right? Well then, I'm already tired...good night Kuruta."

Soon after, she walked right inside the house and closed the door, leaving me completely alone, pondering about what should I do next, and for who should I prepare my heart for.

Until then I'll be looking forward to spending my days with everyone. It's too soon for me to decide who I would set my heart's on, or probably I'm not suited for committed relationships after all.

I'm still wondering how can I meet this girl called Himeno Kurumi, but maybe I'm too dense in order to realize something. Probably I should start to notice things around me in order to uncover this girl's true identity.

Well then, I think now's a perfect time for Makki to cross-dress in front of me, I'll be looking forward to see what he would look like.

And so with evil thoughts in mind, I started to plot things in order to get back at what 'My Dear Cousin' did earlier to me after getting inside the house.

Getting back at him In a 'good and pleasurable' way of course.

But that can wait later, I still got to play the games again for now.

So yeah, I guess that's it for the moment.

The End