Chapter 1

Sadie hoisted her bag onto her shoulder and continued walking alongside siblings Nathaniel and Lily.

"Excited for first day back are you Lily?" Sadie says as she clutches Lily's hand who's skipping around. "Yes! I have dancing tonight! I'm so excited!" Lily says letting go and skipping in front of the pair as she begins to do twirls. Sadie and Nathaniel laugh "So do you reckon it'll be a good year?" Nathaniel says as Sadie just shrugs casually "I hope so, this year I'll finally get better score in English than you, I can feel it" Sadie says letting out a laugh as she runs up to Lily and zaps her. Lily jumps and turns around "Sadie!" she squeals as Sadie just lets out a laugh.

"Well here we are Lily, have a good day alright?" Sadie says giving her a kiss on her forehead. Lily smiles running off into Saline Primary School. Nathaniel and Sadie continue walking towards Saline High, for their first day as year ten's. "You know I reckon it will be a good year for the both of us" Nathaniel says putting an arm around Sadie as she smiles. "Yeah maybe. I mean, I hope so" Sadie says fumbling over words as Nathaniel just smiles as they reach the school. "See you later than sis" Nathaniel says giving her knuckles as he walks away to his friends. Sadie sighs seeing Lexi, her best friend standing in front of her. "Sadie! Good to see you girl! We have so much to catch up on! And did I tell you, I love your hair?" Lexi says admiring Sadie's bun.

"Yeah your hair looks nice too" Sadie says giving her a bump on the shoulder as Lexi just laughs, her strawberry blonde hair blowing in the breeze as she links her arm with Sadie's.

"Come on! Let's walk!" Lexi says dragging her along. Sadie follows on behind her as the pair turn a corner. "So, this year, I'm finally going to get you a boyfriend, okay?" Lexi says as Sadie just rolls her eyes putting a hand through her hair. "Serious? He'll just take up all my time, and I've got to study!" Sadie says sighing loudly as Lexi laughs. "You're so nerdy Sadie Amber Car" Lexi says giving her a light shove. "Well maybe I actually care about my grades, unlike Alexis Jane Davids!" Sadie says a large grin filling her face as Lexi just rolls her eyes. "Meh, I'd prefer to have a good time then good grades" Lexi says as the pair turn another corner and see Kevin and another guy standing there

"Alexis" Kevin says as Lexi just rolls her eyes.

"Lexi!" she says angrily crossing her arms as the guy just smirks.

"Sadie, good to see you, I want to introduce you to a very close friend of mine, Tyler" Kevin says pointing to the guy with dark hair and green eyes, he looks up and smiles.

"Tyler Days" he says as Sadie puts her hands in her pockets.

"Sadie. I'm surprised we haven't met before, Kevin and I are quite close" Sadie says looking back over at Kevin who shrugs. "You can't know everything can you Sadie?" Kevin says as Sadie smiles nodding slightly as the bell rings. "Well guess I'd better head to class, I'm stuck with Lexi, again" Kevin says as Lexi gives him a death glare causing Tyler and Sadie to burst out laughing as they head the other way. "So where are you headed?" Sadie asks making small talk as Tyler pulls out his timetable from his bag. "Chemistry, you?" Tyler asks shoving his timetable back in his bag.

"Same here" Sadie says as a small smile planted on her face.

"So you must be Nathaniel's twin sister yeah?" Tyler asks as Sadie nods.

"That's me, everyone seems to know my brother" Sadie says as Tyler smiles sadly.

"He's a good guy, but I bet you're a pretty good girl" Tyler says a small smile playing on his lips as Sadie turns her attention to Tyler "Is that a compliment?" Sadie asks as Tyler sighs.

"Yeah, sorry. I suck at them" Tyler says as Sadie just laughs.

"Well that's the best compliment I've ever got" Sadie says sarcastically as Tyler just laughs.

"Hey, come on. I'm not superman" Tyler says as Sadie giggles.

"Yeah, I can tell. You don't really look like the superhero type" Sadie says as Tyler just smiles.

"Well how about, you and I could hang out tonight, and I can promise you I'll give you some better compliments?" Tyler asks as Sadie just smirks.

"Are you up for the challenge?" Sadie asks as Tyler nods.

"Of course I am, I'm superman's apprentice!" Tyler says as Sadie laughs.

"Your such an idiot, you know that?" Sadie says poking him in the chest as Tyler shakes his head.

"Well who are you then? Cat women's apprentice?" Tyler says jokingly as Sadie sighs putting her head down. "I'm not skinny enough for that" Sadie says as Tyler looks at her and smiles sadly as the pair walk into class taking a seat at the very back next to each other.