Chapter 2

The bell for lunch had gone and Sadie had chucked her school stuff in her locker and went to go find Tyler so they could hang out. She finds him sitting down at a tree by himself, she walks over and smiles at him, taking a seat next to him. "Bit lonely" Sadie says as Tyler smiles sadly.

"Yeah kind of, Kevin's probably being kept in" Tyler mutters as Sadie just shrugs.

"Yeah, as usual" Sadie says as Tyler smiles at her. Sadie gets comfortable and sits up leaning up against the tree as the two of their body's touch.

"You guys are close then?" Tyler asks as she just shrugs.

"Quite. Nathaniel's more close with him too, but yeah. Our families are like best friends" Sadie says as a girl begins walking over to the pair. Her dress was short and Sadie could pretty much see up it. But she was definitely pretty, her flowing blonde locks reaching her mid back as it bounced as she walked. "Tyler? Hey" the girl says as Tyler smiles.

"Sadie, this is Mikaela. A close friend of mine" Tyler says as Mikaela looks at her giving Sadie a dirty look but her facial expression changes quickly to her smiling. "Hey, its good to meet you" Mikaela says as Sadie nods. "Yeah you two" Sadie says dryly as Mikaela sits down opposite the pair.

"So Tyler, got plans for tonight?" she asks as Tyler nods taking a bite from his apple.

"Yeah, Sadie and I are going out" Tyler says as Mikaela smirks.

"I'll leave you guys too it, from the sounds of it, Mikaela has a lot to talk to you about" Sadie says getting up as Mikaela smiles. "Are you sure Sadie? You can stay if you want?" Tyler suggests as Sadie shakes her head. "Nah, its cool. I need to talk to Kevin anyway" Sadie says pointing to the blonde figure approaching them. "Okay cool, I'll catch you later then" Tyler says as Sadie walks off and stops. "Hey Sades" Kevin says as Sadie smiles at her nickname.

"Hey Kev, who's Mikaela?" Sadie asks motioning towards the pair sitting at the tree as Kevin makes an ahh noise. "She and Tyler are quite close, but yeah, I don't like her much. And are you two going on a date tonight?" Kevin asks as Sadie just rolls her eyes.

"It's not a date! Where just going to hang out! And she already doesn't like me!" Sadie says sighing as Kevin sighs. "She's just jealous" Kevin says as Sadie raises an eyebrow.

"Of what?" Sadie asks. Kevin sighs taking a seat down on the grass as Sadie does too the grass moist on her legs. "Because of how close you and Tyler are getting? She has this thing for him" Kevin says as Sadie nods understanding the predicament

"Yeah, she already doesn't like me" Sadie says sighing as she stretches her legs on the grass.

"Poor Sadie, you've finally found someone who doesn't like you" Kevin says sticking his tongue out as Sadie just laughs. "Shut up. I didn't even do anything to piss her off!" Sadie says as Mikaela walks past her giving her a death glare. When Mikaela's out of ear distance the pair both burst out laughing. "Your right, she definitely hates you!" Kevin says as Sadie just smiles.

"Shut up!" Sadie says giving him a light shove as Nathaniel and Tyler walk over.

"If it's not the trouble makers" Nathaniel says taking a seat next to his sister as Tyler sits down next to Kevin. "So Tyler here told me that you and him are going out tonight" Nathaniel says raising an eyebrow at Sadie. "Hanging out" Sadie corrects as Nathaniel smiles.

"Hmm, interesting" Nathaniel remarks as Sadie gives him an easy smile. The bell goes for the end of the day. "Cya guys later" Kevin says walking off.

"I'll expect a full update when you get home Sades" Nathaniel says passing the pair as Tyler stands up turning his attention to Sadie. "Are you ready?" he asks as Sadie nods. They both walk together towards the Saline Café just a block away from the school. "We're eating here? I uh-" Sadie says muttering under her breath. "I don't have any money" Sadie says sighing looking down at the ground as Tyler laughs. "I didn't expect you to, I'm paying" Tyler says as Sadie smiles putting a strand of hair behind her ear. Tyler smiles as they both walk in, grabbing a seat.

"So Sadie, how about we get to know each other a bit better?" Tyler suggests raising an eyebrow as Sadie just nods "What do you suggest?" She asks as Tyler smiles.

"We'll ask questions about each other and you have to answer" Tyler says as Sadie nods accepting the challenge in his gaze "So do you have feelings for Kevin?" Tyler asks as Sadie sighs.

"Not the way you're thinking. Why did you propose to hang out with me?" Sadie asks as Tyler just smiles resting his hand on the table "Because I want to get to know you better, thought that was kind of obvious" Tyler says as Sadie just rolls her eyes.

"Okay next question, do you dislike Mikaela?" Tyler asks as Sadie just smiles.

"No, but she hates my guts. And she totally wants to get in your pants!" Sadie says as she lets out a giggle. "She so doesn't! We are just friends!" Tyler says raising his voice as Sadie forms a small smile on her face "Yeah, friends with benefits!" Sadie says as Tyler smiles.

"Hey! We're not like that!" Tyler says as Sadie laughs.

"Then prove it!" Sadie says.

"Okay then. If Mikaela and I were friends with benefits I wouldn't do this" Tyler says leaning in and kissing Sadie, causing her to freeze but she kisses back, she pulls away a small smile on her face.

"Okay then, you two aren't friends with benefits" Sadie says as Tyler just laughs at her.

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