There is a saying... when a child is born with silver hair, then it means they have an old soul. A soul that has been on Earth before. After their lives have been perished for whatever reason, they can come back and be reincarnated, having no memories of their previous life. However, most of the time the hair will fade to their natural color... Other times, rarely, the hair would remain silver. Like mine.

The world has now been reduced to rubble and yet we are still in this God forsaken war, though I do not know why or with whom... they never tell us anything. Not that it matters to me anymore. The only thing I can do is fight to the death with my enemies and pray for the war to end. These days I can't help but feel ashamed and tired... I'm just so tired.

I slowly opened my silver eyes and brushed my silver hair out of my face. So I fell asleep again... I sat up and felt a drop of water hitting the tip of my nose. I looked up at the sky... The sky no longer held its beautiful blue color but now... it's a mixture of whites, grays and blacks. The colors have stained the skies and the remaining people hearts in this rotten world. I stood up and shifted the position of my gun on my hip. I looked around at the collapsed buildings for a while and then continued to walk. It was quite hot today and the wind that blew on my tanned skin was refreshing. I heard a rumble in the distance... a storm. I suppose I should hurry back... right after a few more rounds of exploring. I entered small store that had a larger building broken down into it. I walked in the other building and up the stairs when I caught a whiff of a strange smell. I grabbed my gas mask from around my neck and put it on. I started to run back when the building exploded and the floor collapsed beneath me feet. I was lucky enough to grab an edge of the floor that didn't fall through. I heard a few recognizable chuckles and imagined their faces. Two older men who wanted to get rid of me simply for a bigger pay check and for larger quantity of supplies. Just as soon as I was about to pull myself up, the piece fell off and I fell into the abyss. When I woke back up again, it was from the sound of the rain hitting my mask. Out of all the things I could think of, I was thinking of how lucky I was to not have worn a white outfit but instead a black tank top and black shorts with fingerless black gloves. I sat up and saw a sun flower in front of me. I took my mask off and took the gun from around my waist. I was enchanted and bewildered by seeing an actual flower here of all places. I crawled toward the flower and said:

"Hello Mr. Sunflower. My name is Calais."