15 year old Hallie Adelaide was kind of invisible. Not literally, but meaning she goes unnoticeable most of the times, she's quiet, and would rather just disappear in her fantasy world. She lives in the small county called Willow Peak in Michigan, where there is only one middle school, one elementary school, and 2 high schools. But then, the video game all the gamers in the world were waiting for, she was the first one to try it. Cool, no? NO. Why? Because she is trapped in the game. Like, literally. Something went wrong with it and now she's stuck, her only chance is to beat it in hopes of getting out by victory. but that's not all! The other thing is that something in the game made it harder than what the creators made it to be. Meaning, if she had to beat a dragon originally, now she had to beat a dragon, but the only way to do that is by going through a maze and solving a bunch of ridiculous riddles. Under a time limit. just an example, though. Not only that, she can finish it all, but the only way she can exit the game is if she wins the game while befriending her topmost rival in real life. Logan Hayes. Because, the idiot decided to-at that exact moment- start the game-at that exact moment- that she started the game-at that exact moment. AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. meaning she's stuck with him. This can't possibly get worse,no? NO. But wait, there's more! If she doesn't complete the game in 3 days, she and Logan are dead. Meaning stuck in a coma forever, because their brains are stuck in the game, unable to escape. So even if they DID finish the game but after the time limit, no use. Brain=disconnected from body. Worst possible scenario, no? YES.

HALLIE ADELAIDE- she's a 15 year old girl at Willow High School. She has curly chocolate brown hair that are in tiny ringlets to her chest. She's average height, a little less than average weight, and slim and slender than most girls. She has sea greenish blue eyes that light up whenever she smiles. She has dimples on both cheeks, hers more dominant on her right, and adorable pink,faint freckles across her nose, and a slender jawline. She's quiet, like her description, shy, invisible, no friends what so ever, and a total gamer. What you think i mean: Skyrim all day baby! What i think she means: Assassin's Creed 2 baby! What she actually means: Wizard101 baby! LOL JK. No, she plays everything. She's one serious gamer, but no one in her entire school, knows that. except for Logan of course. Everyone in the gaming world knows who she is, her username i mean, and they know how talented she is in gaming. But thing is, she wants to keep her gaming life a secret, because it's considered "uncool" to be a girl gamer in her town. And she's at the mercy of Logan, because he figured her out.

LOGAN HAYES- he's a 15 year old guy at Willow High School. He has dark brown hair, and kind of resembles Logan Lerman, with the hair, and the handsome smile. Logan has long eyelashes, with grey eyes and is an average height, maybe taller by some inches. Athletic, with a perfect body for swimming, which is actually what he does. Logan is witty, funny, and if he feels like it, caring and sympathetic. Your average boy who is popular. He's also a serious gamer, and in the gaming world, he's known to be the ultimate rival of Hallie. In every Wii, Xbox, online, DS, game they play, they somehow find each other without trying or wanting to. We call this fate. And fits all the pieces of Hallie together to discover that this very shy, and invisible girl, is the mastermind between Lady Dawn.