"Master Merlin is one of the best strategists in all of Aquastria, he said so himself," said the Prime Minister.

"Well, then why isn't he the Battle Strategist then sir?" I asked, trying not to gape at Logan.

"Because he said 'you had potential to be the most talented strategist ever'," Jylar answered, directly quoting him. Logan quietly snickered behind him, and i tried not to scowl.

"Oh. Gee,thanks."

"it's no problem, Lady Dawn Milon. I look forward to our lessons together."

Awkward silence.

"Well," my father finally broke the silence. "I best be leaving. I've got some duties i need to fulfill before i retire for today." He paused to look at me while he was on his way to the door. "Come see me after, will you? I have some matters we need to discuss."

I realized he wanted a response."Uh...yes. Father." He seemed satisfied with that and left. That just left the Prime Minister's bodyguards, the Prime Minister, and Corporal Fin.

"I have to go, sir. My wife probably will need help, what with the new twins and all," Corporal Fin explained.

Jylar waved him away. "Yes of course, give my congratulations to Pearl, and the new babies. Girl and boy, correct?"

"Yes, sir. Lily and Lyle."

"Nice. Well, be on your way then." Fin bowed to the Prime Minister and left. Now it was only us and Jylar. I don't think the bodyguards count because it's pretty obvious that they are playing games on their phone-like things while attempting to make it look like they are busy. If you wanna know how to text undercover, go to high school, i felt like telling them.

"And you 2 can leave too. My work here's ," he turned back to his desk and started to shuffle through all of his papers. He glanced up and saw us awkwardly ambling toward the door, because we didn't know where to go, or even how to get out of this place. Jylar sighed. "Oh yes. Agent S, get these 2 where they need to be for the time being." Agent S shoved his underwater phone in his SSS pocket (Secret Sea Service-read the label) on his navy colored vest.

"Yes, sir. Right this way, Lady Dawn and Master Merlin."

"Bye, Prime Minister Jylar," Logan and I echoed each other, and we exited the room. Agent S leaded us through twists and turns of the Minister's Mansion, as it was called. A couple of servants were scurrying here and there, and some of his employees were just sitting around staring at an aquatic monitor,typing rapidly. Finally, we stepped out of the mansion, and into the Upper Atlantis again. Since this was underwater, there was no sun's rays warming our backs, but some light shone through the water, and lit up Upper Atlantis some. Agent S stopped on the bottom of the pristine white steps of the mansion.

"Ok, this is what we are going to do. Dawn, you obviously are going to your house to stay, so no need to clarify on that. Merlin-"

"I prefer Master Merlin."

"MASTER Merlin," Agent S said through gritted teeth, "Since you're new here, i can get you a hotel room at The Anemone, as well as some clothes. The room will be ready by 7 p.m I trust Dawn will show you where everything is, since she already knows where everything is,right" Both of them look at me.


"Good. I will be leaving you now, take care," it was obvious he didn't mean it. It sure sounded like "Good. I will be leaving you now. And i don't really care whether you get eaten by a Great White or poisoned by a blowfish." Nice guy. Agent S swam away, back into the Minister's Mansion. It was just Logan and I. A couple of people glanced at us in slight surprise, since we were only 'merkids' hovering above the steps of the Prime Minister of Aquastria.

"Sooo...what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Didn't you get that dramatic moment thing i did? You were on the sofa, i knew you could see me from the TV 'cause you had your eyes open..." he trailed off.

"So this is what you meant by 'i'm going to regret this'?"

"Pretty much."

"Yeah, you are going to regret this."


I sighed. "Ok, sorry. Sorry i didn't listen to you. I mean, it's kind of hard to believe your rival. Like, would you believe me if i told you that Sunken Battlefield the video game is actually going to capture you into it forcing you to beat the game or you will be in the coma forever?"

"Probably not," Logan admitted. "Okay, okay fine. We both win this round. But we seriously need to come up with a plan to get out of here." We at that moment started to walk to the nearest underwater cafe, Mari's.

"Yeah, how'd you even come here anyway? Wouldn't you be in your own Sunken Battlefield game?" I questioned him.

"Probably, but i was thinking that if we started the game at the exact same time, we would be put in the exact same game which we are. That's what i meant by risky," Logan explained.

"That was pretty dangerous," I observed as we swam in Mari's. It was a circular restaurant, with the kitchen off to the upper right, small tables scattered around, and the bar on the upper left. The cash register was near the kitchen, right in front of it. How is there lighting in here? I wondered. I looked up to see aqua-proof light tubes glued to the ceiling in nice and neat rows.

"What can i say? I'm a dangerous guy."

"Oh please. Your idea of 'dangerous' is beating a lvl 20 boss in Titania. A.K.A, a video game."

"Yeah? Well, your idea of 'dangerous' is not safely removing your flash drive," he shot back.

I couldn't help it. I had a good insult coming, and instead i laughed. "Touche." Even though i couldn't see him, Logan was smiling. We walked up to the front counter.

"How may i help you?" asked a young mermaid. She had long curls of light orange hair, with some dark purple flowers woven into it, making her big grey eyes pop out, with her freckles. Talk about the most stereotypical mermaid ever! I hope not all of them looked like they just stepped off the Fantasy Land bus. Her name tag read, "Hello, my name is Finnia."

"Uhhh, we would like the umm..." Logan trailed off. "What would we like?" he whispered. We looked up at the menu board on top of the kitchen. There were 5 different types of salads (most had seafood in it), burgers, and soup you had to slurp through a straw because it will float in the water when you open it. I wonder what food tastes like underwater anyway...

"I'll have The Ultimate Macho Veggie Burger," i stated, pointing to the large burger on the board.

"Are you kidding me? You can't eat that! You'll explode!" He said, gesturing to my skinny body.

"I am hungry, therefore i shall eat." was my only reply

"Make that 2," he replied to the patient mermaid waitress. She smiled sweetly and said to wait 5 minutes and it'll be ready. Then, she held out her hand, like she was waiting for something. "Oh, right. Money," Logan began to shuffle in his unzipped dark green vest's pocket, probably searching for money. He came out empty handed. I then searched in my pocket, then realized i didn't have any. "Oh, crap. We're in trouble."

Finnia looked at us like we told her we were actually human beings that got caught in a video game that is actually her reality. "Um, it's right here sir," she took the badge that was pinned to his vest, and scanned it under some weird scanner thing. It scanned it in red, then flashed green twice. She handed it back to him, smiling. "There you go. Have a nice day!"

We sat ourselves in some high tech corner table, that had a bunch of buttons on it that had various labels, from "i've been waiting for a long time, where's my order?" to "I need a straw." We (who wouldn't?) pressed all of the buttons like an eager child, until the manager told us to stop. then i started. "So, that badge of yours is some kind of credit card?"

"I guess. I wonder how much money's on it. " Our food arrived, a button that said "your food is ready" lit up green, and the circle etched in the table lit up , and it flipped around like a token, and on the other side was our food. Cool, no?

"Hey...there's a note on our tray," Logan said, he read the note, then he handed it to me. It read: STOP BEFORE YOU START OR WE WILL POISON. Okayy, then. Someone's obviously got the wrong person.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

"I dunno. I guess they have lunatics everywhere, even in gaming," Logan shrugged, and dug into his burger,

"Yeah, i guess. Hey, the waitress coming here?" Finnia was heading here. She stopped in front of our table, and she looked rather tired.

"I'm really sorry to bother your eating, but i have an urgent package to send, and i was hoping you could do it for me?" she looked so hopeful that it was impossible to say no. That and we were finally getting somewhere in this game.

"Yeah, sure! No prob," i said as cheerfully as i can.

Finnia looked relieved. "Oh thank you so much! Here it is," she handed to package to me. "It's being delivered in the Plaza. I dunno the address, but it's on the package anyway. Thanks!" she swam away, probably because of the waiting merman in line.

I grinned. "Got our plan right in my hand."