We finished our food quickly, and between bites i explained my plan. Which is, we got our first quest! We deliver this package, and hopefully get another quest from there, so we can ultimately finish this game. So, i guess it's not really MY plan, but whatever.

"So, how do we get to the Plaza, Hallie?" Logan asked me as we exited Mari's and started to fast swim (alternative for fast walk) toward the sidewalk.

"Uh...i was hoping you knew that."

"Well, i guess we're already following the note. We stopped before we could start." And we did. We halted in the middle of the underwater pavement. There weren't much merpeople around here to ask for directions, and the few tiny fish scurrying here and there probably don't speak Mer. We looked all around us, trying to spot a nearby map board, like those ones in the mall. No luck.

"Hey, look! I think that's it!" Logan pointed to a purple shimmery box that looked a lot like a telephone booth. Some merman was in front of it, and i'm guessing he was waiting in line.

"Logan, i hardly-oh, wow," the merman, when he opened the door and closed it behind him, pressed a button and immediately disappeared. Logan gave me the i-told-you-so wink, which in actuality looked like he was having a spaz attack. "C'mon, then!" We swam over to the sparkly box, and i really didn't see much of a line, since this is probably the sole transportation method to get into the Plaza. But then i remembered seeing these things scattered all around Upper Atlantis, so i guess there really shouldn't be a line, and then there's that fact that no one really comes up here. We were the next people to go in, and we entered.

"Whoa," Logan breathed, staring at how high-tech the inside was. Inside was a glossy chrome finish, with 3 LCD screens covering it. 1 was in the front, one in the back, and one in the top for who-know's-what. The one we were facing had a picture of this booth from the outside, and 3 options listed next to it. It's a good thing that our infused memory had a built-in translator in it because i'd a feeling these options were in Mer.

"Take Tutorial, Quick start destination, or Choose destination," I read from the menu. I looked up at Logan. "Which one?"

"No time for tutorial, Choose destination," he replied, hesitating for a moment then touched that option. It lit up a sky blue, and a female in an emotionless voice said, "Proceed". Logan and I looked at each other,unsure on what we're supposed to do.

"No time for tutorial, he said. Good idea," i said sarcastically.

Logan scowled. "Not my best,okay? Is there anyway we can,like, go back or something?" He and I looked back on the screen, but the screen showed the shimmery box, but now with an arrow labeled "Current Location".

I spotted some small buttons glowing faintly under the screen, there were 4. "I found some buttons," I pointed to it. He started to randomly press them like multiple at a time. The lady's voice was like "Unable to-Un-Unab-Unable-U-Una-", since he kept punching them. Then, i smacked his hand away. "Unable to respond to your requests. System overload. System overload. Transfer station will explode in 30 seconds. Emergency alert: Please leave the transfer station IMMEDIATELY," that "immediately" must've been the only emotion i've ever heard in her voice. "Repeat:Leave transfer station immediately!"

"Forget the Plaza,move, woman!" Logan yelled, pushing me and him to the door, but it wouldn't slide open!

"Help! We're gonna die!" I hollered, but my voice only echoed inside the Transfer.

"10 seconds...9 seconds..." With our screaming, i didn't notice the woman's voice calmly counting down.

Logan and I started banging on the door. "6 seconds...5 seconds..." How can she sound so calm?!

Logan stopped. "Hallie, if we're gonna die by the explosion, i wanted to tell you-"

"0 seconds. Count down over." Dead silence. Everything was calm.

"Whoa. Wh- AHHHHHH!" Logan yelled, while i screamed. For some reason, we were being taken down. It kind of felt like you were in an elevator going down, but you were in the 100th floor, going to ground level. At like 70 miles per hour. We raised to the top, where the ceiling screen was.

"Activate pillows," the voice commanded. We slammed into the roof, but instead of feeling a hard surface, it was soft and comfy.

"What happened to the whole exploding thing?!" I shrilled as we plummeted down at super speed.

"Don't know, don't care, but what i do care about is seeing tomorrow!" Logan answered, suddenly, the horrid transfer station halted. As in, stopped. Like totally. Which also meant Logan and I smashed down to the bottom, in a very loud THWACK. This time no pillows, only another pin-drop silence.

"Oh, this hurts so much. Sooo much," I groaned, trying to figure out if if any bones are broken. Ribs? check. Arm?check. Legs?Check. Ok, we are good. I stretched my body, trying to get up. Ok, we are good so far.

"Please Ultimate Game-Creator, send us back to the beginning! End our suffering," Logan pleaded. He got up with some grumbling, and then looked down on me. "C'mon, let's find out what the Plaza looks like." He bent down and grabbed my arm, and in the middle of pulling me up, the door slid open with a slight hiss. The sight was so breathtaking, Logan nearly dropped me, but fortunately i got up by myself.

We both forgot about our current pain, and stared in awe at the view.

We both said together, "The Plaza."