Chapter I


A/N: So, this my chapter one revamped. R and enjoy

I'm getting ahead of myself though, allow me to start from the beginning. I work in an underground detective agency that deals with cases that are unearthly. Things that drive people to the break of insanity. My last case was in the barren snowy region of Alaska solving the case of five missing teens, who went camping. Like those cases before me they all seem to hold an element of the supernatural. This one was no exception. A ghostly lumber jack was haunting the place as the legend went. Little did the teenager's know that there mere presence had awaken the vengeful ghost. Using my mind and various objects to solve the mystery I freed the kids, before he could kill them.

Coming back to the office, I was stuck with filing my cases paper work. The down side to being a sleuth. While messing with the boxes, and joyful my vacation was coming I tripped. Grabbing whatever I could to stable myself, I wound up knocking the shelf down. Covered with scattered papers, and boxes. The door opened and one of the many unknown secretaries strolled in to see the mess I had made. "Oh my Nora, are you okay?" she asked. I could tell she was less worried about me, and angry about the mess.

"Sorry, I tripped," I told her picking up some fallen boxes.
Clenching her teeth she spoke, "Its okay, sweetie. Just go, and let me take care of it."
"You sure?"
"Yes," she finally snapped.

As I went to leave my foot hit something hard. Glancing down to see what it was, my heart stopped. A golden engraved Nightingale laid on the cover of a brown hard covered book. Only a ruby eye was staring at me, and I knew that the book required more pieces to be able to access the contents of the forsaken journal.

I nearly fell back over running to my desk. Grabbing the stapler, I attached my printed documents, dropped it off in an unknown secretary's inbox, and ran out the door to start my vacation. Jumping into my car, I had my bags already packed, and headed for Rhode Island to start a new adventure and mystery.

The cool fall air greeted me as I drove into the small town of Warwick, Rhode Island. Leaves cascaded down in the gently wind as I had to my speed to thirty. Rolling down my window I could smell the apple pie, and warm friendly atmosphere. As I dove down the road a family carrying pumpkins waved. Waving back I felt at home in this place known for the mysterious Nightingale Manor. Turning down Asylum Road a growing sense of dread over took my mind. With Halloween only days away I began to wonder what I was truly in for.

All my fears melted away through as I gazed upon the iron wrought gate leading up the manor. A squeal of excitement escaped my lips. Coughing I contained the flood of emotions. I drove up the drive to the Manor turned museum. The Victorian style house stood at top of the grassy green hill. Driving in the loop around a fountain I could smell the adventure. Parking the car in reserved lot I made my way up the grand front steps, two gargoyles greeted me on their pedestals. I glanced up at the entering arch to see the words that began this mess: Eternal Love is Forever. I smiled, and shook my head knowing the truth behind those words. A chill ran down my spine as I reached my hand for the oak doors with lion head's as knockers.

I opened the doors to enter the foyer, and to my utmost surprise found the building empty of people. I took a left to discover the living room. Glass cases sat in the room with artifacts from the Emma Nightingale, and her husband Vincent Chamberlain. The janitor was sweeping the floor he looked up to my fallen smile. "Damn kids, always ruining this place," he muttered.

I raised a brow as his beady blue eyes went back to the floor. "Excuse me, ma'am," a high pitched voice called. I turned to see a man in a high tailored suit. His sleek over greased hair still have finger marks in from the stress he gets. Running his hand over his hair again I hid my laugh. "This place is off limits closed for the season. I can not have some riff raff of a street cat roaming my halls. Especially with the annual Halloween ball coming."

He talked fast and I was offended that he called me a street cat. I pulled out my wallet from my purse, and handed him a hundred. "I just want to look around for a bit."

He eyes the money, then snatched. "I'll give you half an hour."

"Thank you," I winked.

He left, but no before stopping beside the creepy janitor, he whispered, "Keep an eye on her."

With a sly smirk I began to look around. I moved my hand closer to my bag as I roamed the room. I felt the book hidden under my jacket, and my gun incase janitor guy gets an ideas. The living room, had nothing to offer me, nor did the kitchen, sitting room, or ball room. I did catch an off limits sign in the direction of could have been the basement. That would have to be checked out during after hours. As I went up the stairs they creaked under the pressure of my weight. That was actually going to be helpful to me as it would let me know if anyone was coming up the stairs.

A hall with five doors greeted me. Taking the left I found that three of the door were locked with lead me to believe that they were hiding something. Another thing to check during the after hours. One of the remaining two door, I walked into to see what could have been Elizabeth's room. There in middle of the floor was case I went over to see it. A golden wing that would fit perfectly into the lock of the journal. I wanted that piece like it was sweet tea in the world. My heart welled up to the point where I thought it would burst with desire for the wing. If it wasn't for High Tailored guy I would have broken the glass, and made a break for it.

Upon further inspection through I discovered to my disappointment that the piece was fake. The nightingales head on the journal was gold with one ruby eye staring back at me. This wing was painted gold. I felt my heart drop, and a piece of me died. It was then I the horrible thought plagued my mind. This whole manor was nothing more than a joke. Another that angered me was that fact that I gave up a perfectly good counterfeit hundred dollars. I was saving that for when I needed it most.

In frustration I left the room to visit the finally room. Checking my watch I saw that I still had ten minutes. Going into the room I found myself in the library of Elizabeth Nightingale. Books lined the shelves of the massive room filling library. A desk sat in-between two slim stained glass windows. Above that through was the most breath taking sight I've ever laid upon. A portrait that filled the space of her. She looked like a Goddess of only my imagination could ever dream up. Long flowing auburn that framed her angelic face. A light blush coated her cheeks as her smile as a light with happiness. Dazzling hazelnut eyes that held kindness in them to a point where it becomes inner sadness. Her midnight blue, and white dress contrasted against her snow kissed skin. In one hand she held an umbrella to black the afternoon fall sun. In the other was her journal with all five pieces.

I was just so enamored by this portrait that I lost track of time. A cough sounded from behind me, and I jumped from the sudden silent change. "Your time is up, miss."

"Yeah, yeah," I shook my head to clear it. As I began to walk out a chill ran though me in the neutral temperature. If it were not for my past experiences with the supernatural I would shrugged it off a breeze. However, I knew better than not to believe in life after death.