Loosely based on and inspired by one of my favorite shows, Supernatural. Enjoy!

The Angel of Thursday

I fell from Heaven.

Not gracefully, with a flap of feathery white wings

But tumbling, clumsily, my wings burnt and singed by my betrayals.

Smashing into Earth, into reality,

And falling through the mundane world

Into fire and brimstone.

It was a lonely Hell.

But through the torture of it

I stayed strong.

For my family.

For my friends.

For I believed it was my duty.

Eventually, I gave in.

Accepted the pain that was dealt,

And instead of receiving it,

Gave it out.

Urging others to accept it.

We all give in to demons in Hell.

It was a Thursday, I think.

Time blurs, reality bends,

It may not have even happened.

He gripped me tight and raised me.

Saved me.

Had it been months? Years?

I still don't know.

But I'm pretty sure it was a Thursday.