"I was what they called a rebel. I was outspoken, independent, and never let anyone boss me around. Just the way my mom was raising me. I was a pretty happy girl. Until May twenty-ninth, two-thousand five"

Glimmer Moore was extremely happy. It was her tenth birthday and she talked her mother into letting her have a roller skating party. She was excited to spend time with friends and family. More importantly, her cousin and best friend, Evelyn. They pretty much grew up together.

"Ready?" her mom asked as Glimmer pulled her long rosewood hair into a ponytail.

"Yep" she said grabbing her black and sparkly blue roller skates. Even though the skating rink wasn't far from Glimmer's house the ride there seemed to take forever. To her mom the trees and buildings zoomed by, but to Glimmer they seemed to pass in slow motion. They pulled into the parking lot of the rink and Glimmer and was so excited she almost slammed herself into the door of the beemer trying to open it.

"Now I'll be back here with your father when he gets off work ok Honey?" her mom said hugging her daughter.

"Ok Mom" Glimmer said running inside. Everyone she invited seemed to be there. Then she spotted the usual bright, multicolored skates she knew to well. "Evelyn!" she called running over to a girl with jet black hair that was in a big, curled ponytail.

"Hey Glimmer!"she greeted as they hugged.

"Ready to hit the floor?" Glimmer asked.

"Just gotta put my skates on" Evelyn said. The girls skated for hours. Sometimes they sped up so fast that to Glimmer everyone and everything swirled into a big blur. They got so dizzy once they crashed to the floor and just giggled. Then the lights went out and all they saw were fast, multicolored flashes everywhere. It took Glimmer a second to make out the shapes. She saw rainbow rings, rainbow lines, and even rainbow pacifiers. As the night went on it got close to gift time and her parents hadn't even made it to the party yet.

"Maybe your dad got held up" Evelyn said.

"I hope so" Glimmer said, "I guess I can open all gifts except the one they got me"

The first gift was from Evelyn. It was in a pale, pink gift bag with matching sheer wrapping paper. She pulled the paper out and then a box of at least thirty different lip gloss flavors. "Thanks Evie" Glimmer said.

"Welcome" she said. "Maybe now you won't steal mine"

Next was a gift from her grandma. It was in a box wrapped in shiny blue paper with a sheer light blue bow tied around it. She unraveled the bow, lifted the top of the box, and laid it on the ground beside her. Inside lay a black bag with her name written in red glitter. "I made it myself" her grandma said.

"Its pretty" Glimmer said, "Thank you grandma"

The night went on and it was almost time to cut the birthday cake and Glimmer's parents still hadn't shown up. "Any answer on their phones grandma?" Glimmer asked.

"Not yet Sweetie" her grandma said, "Lets go ahead and cut the cake so everyone can eat"

She had a very pretty birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake designed to look like pink zebra stripes. Glimmer had just finished her first piece of cake when a female cop walked into the roller skating rink. "Is there a Annie Wells here?" she asked.

"I'm Annie Wells" Glimmer's grandmother said.

"Mrs. Wells, Can we talk outside?" the cop asked.

"Sure" she said following the cop outside. Glimmer watched from a window as the cop talked to her grandmother. Then her grandmother started to cry.

"What's wrong Grandma?" Glimmer asked running to her. She felt sad at the tears in her grandmother's aged, green eyes. Annie hugged her granddaughter tight not knowing how she was going to tell her the news. She looked into Glimmer's baby blue eyes and took a deep breath. "Honey, your parents are.." the old woman paused.

"Are what Grandma?" Glimmer asked starting to feel worried.

"They're gone Honey" the old woman said, "they died in a car crash" Glimmer collapsed in her grandmother's arms sobbing so hard she couldn't breathe.

"That day will always haunt me. Not just because it was my birthday but, because it was the day I lost the two people I'd loved more than anything. Little did I know things would get worse"

Glimmer and her grandmother sat in a small office lobby waiting to see where Glimmer was going to live. It was between her grandmother or her mother's sister, LaReese. Glimmer hated her Aunt LaReese. She was very mean. She'd envied her mom for having a better life then she did. Glimmer tensed as the pale brown haired witch walked into the lobby. She shot an evil look at her grandmother. Just then a tall, half balding man dressed in a suit walked into the lobby.

"Well Ms. Moore and Mrs. Wells, we have reached a decision" he said, "Mrs. Wells due to you being on social security and already taking care of your late son's daughter we see it best that Glimmer Lives with Ms. Wells"

"Good, so I can take her home now?" LaReese said.

"Yes" the tall man said going back into his office.

"Let's go Glimmer!" LaReese ordered coldly grabbing the child by the arm. Annie stepped in front of her daughter.

"Move" she ordered.

"Listen LaReese, if you do anything to hurt Glimmer your inheritance will be deleted" Annie said with acid in her voice. Her daughter scoffed at her and dragged Glimmer out of the building as she screamed for her grandmother.

"As time passed I was pretty much treated as a slave and if I talked back or defied LaReese she hit me. Yes it happened a lot. I was nothing but, a source of money to her, so she didn't really care if I did any damage to myself. At the age of twelve I discovered alcohol"

Glimmer had made friends with a girl in her new neighborhood named Demi. She was staying over at Demi's one night and her parents weren't home.

"How about some tunes?" Demi said turning on a song by Glimmer's favorite band The Pixies. She loved hanging out with Demi. She was a lot like Glimmer only she still had her parents. "Hey since my parents are gone wanna have some real fun?" Demi asked.

"How?" Glimmer asked.

"Follow me" Demi said as she headed down the polished cherry wood staircase. Glimmer saw her pick up a tiny key off the mantel and unlock the liquor cabinet. She took out a bottle of cheap wine. "Ever drink?"

"No, but it could be fun" Glimmer said. Demi poured two cups of wine for her and Glimmer. It didn't take long for the girls to get a buzz. They laughed and danced around and even talked about boys. For a tiny moment Glimmer forgot all about everything that had happened. She felt happy.

"This is so cool" Glimmer said.

"I know right?" Demi said taking another big gulp of the red colored liquid in her cup.

"Beats staying home with Aunt Bitch" Glimmer said.

That night as Glimmer drifted off to sleep she had a dream. She was running toward her and mom and dad's car when out of nowhere it burst into flames. Glimmer woke up crying. She looked around the room and spotted the little bit of wine left and chugged it down. It eventually stopped her tears and she fell into the darkness of sleep again.

"As The years passed me and Demi bonded over our love of drinking and pissing people off. We were soon joined by two other friends. Two more girls who didn't care and loved to drink and smoke"

Four years passed and Demi and Glimmer still hung out and drank their time away. They had made friends with two new girls. Roxy and Raven. They met at a local ravine. Glimmer and Demi always skipped school to hang out at the ravine and drink. Roxy and Raven usually brought weed.

"So Glimmer still dealing with the aunt from hell?' Roxy asked.

"Yeah, she got my report card and saw all the times I skipped school and hit me a few times. I pushed her down and left" Glimmer said.

"My mom is the same way" Raven said, "I always hit her back"

"How about some crystal lights ladies?" Demi asked passing them out. The girls drank and listened to rock music all night until the cop sirens got close.

"Lets beat it guys!" Roxy said as they all took off in different directions. Glimmer grabbed her bag and took off toward home before the cops spotted her. She reached her house and climbed up its side to her bedroom window. As she climbed in she almost knocked over her desk lamp. As her feet touched the floor the light flipped on. "Where the hell have you been?!" LaReese growled. Glimmer smiled at the anger in her eyes.

"None of your business" Glimmer said sounding as cocky as she could.

"Look you little bitch, don't you ever back talk me!" LaReese ordered.

"I'm not scared of you LaReese" Glimmer said standing her ground.

"Its Aunt LaReese to you" LaReese said with anger building.

"Ok Aunt Bitch" Glimmer said knowing it would piss her off. LaReese raised her left hand and slapped Glimmer so hard her head turned to the left. She snapped and started to throw whatever she could find at her aunt. LaReese ran out of the room and slammed the door closed behind her as Glimmer threw her desk lamp. It hit the door and the bulb shattered.

Glimmer grabbed her overnight bag and packed a few clothing items and all her CDs. She got in her closet and searched under a pile of dirty clothes. She pulled out a bottle of tequila and put it in her bag. She grabbed her purse and bag and climbed out of her window determined to never go back.

She found herself back at the ravine. She watched as she swished the clear golden liquid around in the bottle before gulping down another big drink. She reached in her purse and pulled out a small picture of her mother. The one woman other then her grandmother who she truly loved. The pain of living without her was more than any other pain she could ever imagine.

"Please come back" Glimmer cried in a whisper as she kissed the picture and took another gulp of the tequila. When she realized she was to drunk to know where she was she called her cousin Evelyn. When she reached the ravine she saw Glimmer staggering around trying to dance even though there was no music.

"Really Glimmer?" Evelyn asked sick of seeing her only cousin like this. Drunk all the time.

"Oh lighten up Evie, I'm just having a little fun" Glimmer said in a slurred tone.

"So being so drunk you can't remember where you are is fun?" Evelyn asked in a serious tone.

"Can you blame me Evie" Glimmer asked, "Ever since I turned ten my life has been a living hell! I lose my parents and then get sent to live with the most cold hearted bitch on the planet. So if drinking can melt all that away for a while then so be it"

"Glimmer I know the pain of loosing a parent remember?" Evelyn asked coldly, "I lost my father but, if you ask me you had it easier"

"How the hell did I have it easier?!" Glimmer asked sober enough to feel mad.

"You didn't have to watch your father slowly and painfully die!" Evelyn said trying to hold back anger and tears.

"Yeah at least you got to say goodbye" Glimmer said, "I didn't because like the stupid little child I was I thought I would see them again that night"

Evelyn took out her phone and called their grandma to come pick them up.

"The next morning I was in so much pain. It felt like someone was squeezing my brain and my stomach was twirling around like a tornado. When I was awake enough to know where I was I knew I was in trouble"

Glimmer walked out of the bathroom and saw Evelyn sitting on the bed of her grandmother's guest room.

"Finally awake" Evelyn asked.

"I feel horrible" Glimmer said crawling back into bed and cradling her pillow under her head.

"Well get cleaned up Grandma wants to talk to you" Evelyn said leaving the room. Glimmer made her way slowly downstairs. Her head was still swirling from the night before.

"Morning" her grandmother said. She hadn't seen her grandmother in a few years, but she hadn't changed much. Her chocolate brown hair was laced with grey, but her beautiful green eyes still held the love she remembered as a child.

"Grandma, I am so sorry" Glimmer said. She hated making her grandma disappointed. "My little Glimmer of hope" her grandma said, "I hate seeing you like this"

"You don't see me like this" Glimmer stated.

"I know living with LaReese is hard, but you can't let it destroy you" Annie said looking into her granddaughter's baby blue eyes.

"Why not?' Glimmer said, "my life has been destroyed since I was ten"

"Honey, I know losing your parents was hard and being sent to live with the most heartless family member didn't help but, you're a strong girl" her grandma said.

"Yeah well the only time I'm ever happy is when I'm drunk Grandma" Glimmer said.

"Well thats about to change Glimmer" her grandma said in a serious tone.

"What?" Glimmer asked confused.

"Come tomorrow you will be at YouthStar" Annie said. "its a youth center in Ohio. They help troubled and addicted teens".

"NO!" Glimmer yelled shooting up from the table, "I am not an addict!"

"Glimmer, how many times have I found you passed out drunk this month?" Evelyn asked cutting off her path to the front door.

"Fine. I won't bother you guys anymore" Glimmer said, "Move" she demanded.

"No" Evelyn said.

"Either move or I'll make you move Evie!" Glimmer said trying to hold her anger in.

"Glimmer April Moore get back in here!" Annie ordered.

Glimmer went back into the kitchen, flopped back down into the wicker chair, and just stared down at the glass table. "Why are you doing this Nanna?" she asked hoping the sweet pouty card would work.

"I'm not doing this to hurt you Sweetie" Annie said grabbing Glimmer's hand, "I'm doing this to help you"

"Fine" Glimmer sighed and slumped in her chair, "when?"

"The bus will be here tomorrow and me and Evelyn have already went and got your things from LaReese's" Annie said.

"This sucks" Glimmer said getting up and running upstairs.

The next morning Glimmer was all packed and standing out from with Evelyn and her grandma waiting for the bus to take her to what she considered prison. The bus pulled up and made a loud gasping sound as it came to a stop.

"Please Grandma, don't do this" Glimmer pleaded hoping Annie would change her mind.

"Go" she said and without saying goodbye Glimmer stomped onto the bus.