Scraped Knees

"Did it hurt, falling from Heaven?

Because Baby, you're an angel"

No, but I did scrape my knees

Crawling up from Hell.

But you can't see that, can you?

You would never know,

That I went through Hell

To get to where I am today.

It wasn't all fire and brimstone.

More of the slow, agonizing death

That comes with drowning.

Not quite what you'd expect of death,


But I did, and it was.

It crushed my, the pressure,

Until I was a useless blob

Of skin and bones.


Bent to the will of my masters

Pain and Panic.

Running out of air

May have been the worst.

I was in pain,

Desperate for relief,

And willing to do anything.

Just for a little air.

But there was no more air.

Or maybe it was that little glimmer

Of light.

Tantalizing, teasing,

And forever out of reach.

With every desperate kick

I sank lower into the abyss.

That's what Hell was like.

But I climbed out, see?

I was drowning,

But I climbed out.

Sure, I scraped my knees a little,

But it's nothing a little Band-Aid couldn't fix.