Realm Name:

Shadow Realm





Appears to be:


Bind by contract to:

Nathan Ross



Human Appearance:

Alexyna is described as very pretty. Her skin is fair and smooth with hardly any blemishes. She has a slim and slender body with plump pink lips. She stands at 5'5 and weighs 122lbs. Her natural hair color is jet black. Her eyes are caramel chocolate brown, but sometimes may be seen as black. She has a small nose stud piercing. Alex usually wears brightly colored clothing accessorized with multiple brackets and necklaces. She always wears a Blue Turtle necklace.

True Appearance:

Alexyna is portrayed with white hair and pinkish eyes (the latter of which are purposefully shown to have narrow, slit pupils, probably in an attempt to be creepy.) She wears a dark blue headband with black lace trimming. Each side of the headband ends with a black bow; the headband also sports a rosette on top (this rosette's color tends to change often; usually it is shown as dark wine red, although it can have dark or light purple hues, or even peach pink.) A dark blue neck ribbon is tied around her neck, and her dress is white and dark blue. It has a matching rosette brooch just like the one on the headband. The top part of the dress also has black lace trimming and features white ruffles trimming. The sleeves of the dress are puffy on each of the shoulders, while on the arms they fit the first half - the lower arms feature three-layered white ruffles. The skirt is white with ruffles trimming, layered with dark blue diamond-shaped pieces. The two front layers feature white inverted crosses. Between these two layers is a criss crossed ribbon. She also wears a pair of dark blue boots with matching rosettes like those on the headband.


When Alexyna was found by Nathan, she couldn't quite remember who she was. So, she was shy and kind towards him. Once she remembered who she was, she kept her shy and kind nature towards Nathan, but to others she would be best described as sadistic, spiteful, and arrogant (all due to her Inferiority complex). She is highly mercurial and unpredictable. Alex is almost always appears emotionless and does not typically express her feelings, except around Nathan. Though, once you get to really know her, she'll somewhat open up and be gentler and friendly.


Alexyna like to roam around at night, she thinks being alone at night is refreshing. She loves the sound of music, no matter what kind, she just loves it. She also enjoys eating sweets and fruit, mainly strawberries, grapes, watermelon, and pineapple.


Alex hates being called junk. Strangely enough, she can't stand thunder and lightning storms, in her realm there was never a thing. She dislikes bitter foods, a lot.


Alexyna's weapons are her ragged black wings, with their arrow-like feathers that she can control and use to slice even the densest objects. She can conjure up a shield, a large scythe, and even twin black dragons. Alexyna can also create destructive blue flames. Her abilities consist of the use of variably-sized purple crystals. She uses these quite freely, causing them to spike up from the ground in bunches. She also uses them as swords, when she fights using a crystal sword, or as daggers.


The Shadow Realm, a realm made by Satan himself too keep his "workers", such as Reapers or Dark Angel's, at bay. In the Shadow Realm, one was not simply born, but created. They are created by a man of the name Beelzebul. Alexyna was one of those lucky ones who were created to be in the Royal Family. Many centuries ago, Alex was just an incomplete doll, sort of speak. She wasn't a real being just yet.

Until, the mighty Royal Family of the North in the Shadow Realm, can to Beelzebul and asked for a female reaper. Beelzebul humbly agreed to this request and started on the girl he would name Alexyna. But before Alexyna was completed, part of her design was erased, so she's missing her torso. Beelzebul disappeared, leaving her half-completed form in two parts on his worktable. She was never assembled — although her clothing was completed — and as such, was not initially given the life force she needed. It was her love for her creator that brought her to life, and she crawled off of the table to seek him out (having only her top half to use). How she managed to get into her own clothing is a mystery. Half a century later, a man named Raziel found Alex incomplete and decided to complete her. Raziel became the new Creator. The old Creator, Beelzebul, was never found. Once Alexyna was finished, she made her way to the Royal Family.

There is a great inner war in the Shadow Realm that has been going on for more than thousands of years. The Realm has two Royal Kingdoms, one that controls the North and one that controls the South. The Royal Kingdom of the North was losing their people, quickly.

Alexyna, being of that Royal Kingdom, was going to be sent to the Royal Kingdom of the South as a peace offering, to marry the Prince. The Prince is a a horrible and rude boy who only care about himself. Alex was all against it. The war was not her fault so why should she be sacrificed for a peace offering.

After a quarter century of rebellion from Alexyna, she decided to escape her realm, and go to the human world. But, when entering the human world, she passed out when she fell, leaving the portal to her realm opened.

Why she left her realm:

A major war was going on in her realm and destroying everything that was anything. Many of her people have died. Plus, she's forced to marry a man from the other Kingdom.

Why does she want to be human?

To escape the harsh duty of a Reaper.