Nathan Ross





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Nate is about 6 foot, with an average build. He has dark blue eyes, and is fair skinned. His hair is a brown color that is very close to black. He usually wears hoodies, jeans, or shorts. Nothing about him really stands out, he has two piercings on his face, but other than that he blends in with the rest of the teens of the world. He has two large scars running from his wrist to his inner elbow from when he broke both of his arms when he was 14.


Playing his guitar, drawing, sitting in trees, blue turtles, and night.


Early morning, rules, curfew, and hot weather.

Inherited Ability:

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He's a shyer boy, and tries to blend in the background. His voice is somewhat quiet, and he goes with the crowd. He's nice enough, and he has a few friends. He's not very outgoing or humorous, so you wouldn't call him popular. He's a bit serious looking, if he tries to be or not. When he smiles or laughs, it's pretty rare, and mostly random. He finds his life very boring, and he finds himself boring as well. He's pretty caring and can be protective sometimes, but overall he's pretty sensitive. Being extremely loyal, he gets hurt easily when he's betrayed by who he thought was a friend. There's a feeling of sadness or hopelessness around him, he himself seems a bit lost. Many don't notice him at all though.


His parents worked his whole life, and he met his current best friends when he was 4. Steven, Sarah, and Michelle have been close to him for most of his life. Steven and he became brothers practically, and they spend most of their time together. Michael and Steven dated for a while in junior high, and up until sophomore year, when Michelle decided to leave to be with the 'popular crowd'. At the beginning of senior year, Nathan found that he missed Michelle, and developed a huge crush on her. Steven didn't mind this; he had a new girlfriend of his own anyway. Sarah on the other hand, had liked Nathan since freshman year, and is very jealous of this. Besides the friendship drama, his life is average. He finds himself home alone often, and his family is well off in finances.