The waves dance and play

During a stormy winter day

The world grows slowly cold and dark

And now we can't tell the dolphins from the sharks.

Terror fills me as I drown in the sweet liquid called life

Being pulled under by a mysterious specter

My sorrow continues to fester

I don't know who to trust

Because I can't tell the dolphins from the sharks.

Author's note: Hey guys! I have finally decided to upload poetry, so please, reviews make the world go round!~~~

I wrote this for class (and I hope the teacher doesn't think I'm suicidal for using this poem), and I based it all of a line from a song called "freefalling", ehere they say, "We swim with the dolphins and the sharks, but now it's getting dark, we don't know who to trust".

I believe that this poem is about someone who can;t tell the bad people from the good, and it slowly tears her apart from the inside, ending with her suicide.

I would love to hear y'all's perspective on this poem, because I have a couple of ways it could go. Just PM me or comment if you want to take a go at trying to interpret it!