Being put on the spot is not easy.

It's horrible.

Especially when you're the oldest.

Everything is expected of you.

You have to play by the rules.

Heh, it's not fair.

My younger siblings got it easy.

They don't know the pain of being the oldest.

At a young age, I had to play the game by their rules.

So I did.

I played the game.

There have been so many times where I wanted out.

I was tired of being something I wasn't.

But those are the so many opportunities I missed

I chose to let them passed

Mostly because I wanted to keep the peace.

Being the oldest is not easy.

Whoever told you that was obviously oblivious to the way things are really done.

Sure there are the up sides, like being able to see an R-rated movie or having a later curfew than your siblings


There are the flaws

The downsides

You are expected to do all your homework so your siblings would follow

You are expected to do as you are told so your siblings would follow

You are expected to say "Yes Mother" so your siblings would follow

You are expected to go to the college of your "choice"

(Even though you really want to go another, your dream school)

You are expected to set an example to your siblings


Guess what?

I'm sick

I'm sick and tired of having to set an example for my siblings

I want to be the younger sibling for once

I want to be the follower, not the leader

Why can't I...

Why can't I?

Don't you see?

You're killing me.

For a flower may bloom in the sunlight, it will also wither if in there too much