A stranger walking on the street

Once thick as thieves, again you meet

Do you see the mask with witch she hides?

Do you dare to look through those eyes?

Do you see the hate you kindled there?

Do you see the fear she'll never share?

Do you see the love she has for you?

Do you see her sadness, dark and blue?

Can you see the pain she keeps locked in?

Can you see the life she'll never win?

Can you see the way she looks at you?

Can you see what's lies, and tell what's true?

Do you see the nights she spent a lone?

Do you see her heart, now cold as stone?

Do you see the pain that's plain as day?

Do you see the search for another way?

Can you know how much she thinks of you?

Can you know she almost saw it through?

Can you know the tears she sheds at night?

Can you know the true depth of her fright?

Did you see the tear fall from her eye?

Did you hear it when she said goodbye?

Did you notice as she walked away?

Did you have regrets you couldn't say?