Ok, it's been a while, but I guess no time like the present.

Ahem, may I present to you all, Night Life, a story about... a lot of things. I hope you enjoy it

Also, I know turning Sunlight insta-deadly is so improbable that many of you are going here just to complain about it, but it's just a little story, don't be too hung up about the improbability

Also also, I just posted this on a whim because someone suggested it. So I don't think it's all proofed up, especially with the format changes between transition. I'll try to fix that later, but no promises

With that, please enjoy.

Night Life

Prologue: An Excerpt from History

In my findings, I am surprised to hear a constant mention of a mysterious ball of light that illuminates the upper land, something so bright that even the sacred moon cannot compare, something that can turn all of the dark in the night sky to a brilliant blue. It's not that I find this to be unbelievable, indeed the experiences of the traders and my own confirm something shining above us in the sky during daytime. What I am surprised to hear is that they survived in that light.

By my estimates, roughly 1000 years ago, people actually were active during the day. No, sorry, that was an understatement. They thrived during the day. Dressed in colorful clothing, they walked out into this "sunlight" and frolicked and did business and what not. Most alarming was the fact that there seemed to be an abundance of food, or rather more food than the present time. It seemed as though even the plants thrived in this "sunlight" and instead of drying up on contact, shriveling into a fraction of its size, they actually grew from it, became plump and juicy. Furthermore, from the records, instead of the majority of the population being involved in hunting and gathering for food, they seemed to place heavy emphasis on all fields, from entertainment to research and study, not just hunting or agriculture. In fact, it seemed as though they barely hunted at all, preferring large farms, certainly an impossibility here due to the lack of space and usable feed.

It sounded…amazing to be honest. Certainly a contrast to our modern society, living in the damp, dark underground, with the only illumination being the glow of moss and bugs or by technology we barely understand. Hunting whatever we can in the dark and surviving on scraps and leftovers day by day. Exiling our children when we become too large, and having every bit of everything falling and rotting down upon our heads. When I hear tales of this "old world" I sometimes wonder if there isn't something better for us on the surface.

I know it is not fair, I know it may be selfish, fearful, cowardly even, but I honestly thank my spouse for pulling us this far. I see it in their eyes, every single darned time at that accursed council meeting. They want to exile me. I know of it. I broke into their houses last week to confirm my theory, their journals are filled with their anger at me. They can't get over the fact that I just had to puke every last bit of that precious meat up on the table. For God's sake, they know I hate that stuff, they know I can't eat it. It wasn't my fault that you made me eat that slop, but they blame anything for wasting food. Plus they already hate me from childhood, rotten lousy shiners they are. It was entirely their fault as well, I know those rotten darkhouds threw out my lunch that morning, if only they let me eat that this wouldn't have happened. I could have gone to my garden and gotten my own food, but they had to make a large commotion of everything…To be honest, I know they have a point. Not even a single bit of food must be wasted, and I had to go throw up a whole meals worth. It's just…just…I can't stand it at all. At times I think it may very well be a medical condition, but there is no way of knowing for sure. I'm just…just…sorry, so sorry.

…The only reason I'm still around is probably because I'm one of the few who can actually fix the machinery around here. Being married to one of the top hunters isn't too bad either. I must find something to repay her, possibly this "diamond" thing I keep seeing in the books. It certainly sounds like something people would like.

No, I can do better. I should do better. This "old world," I need to know what happened to it. Before…before…

She wants a child. I can see it every time we go near the nursing schools, her eyes are practically glued to the little ones. We argued about it. I said there wasn't enough food right now, and she got defensive saying she'll just get more. And then…well, it didn't get any better. But, I know the facts. I'm a scholar for heaven's sakes, I can see it. She…no I know she sees it, but she just won't believe it. Everyone sees it. We're dying. Growing weak. Starving to death. Just last week, Ronald died, refused to eat even a bit unless his children had their fair share. He was…a good man. Looking at the records, it looks like we're hitting a decline. In a few years it will probably get better…if we survive. Hunting has just been horrid lately, nothing to really hunt for months it seems. My spouse…she's taking it hard. She always had a bit of pride that one. She's been going to the bar a lot lately. I think a lot of people are. I keep telling people we need another way, like my "garden." They…laugh. To be far I laughed too, it is unrealistic.

But, but there has to be a way out. Before it's too late. I'll…I'll surely find it. Definitely.

Threesday, Mach 28th, 647 ND; Journal of Jonathan Gull, age at time of entry: 15, head Scholar of Antrum City

So? What you think? Good? Bad? None of the above? Well, maybe if you keep reading your mind will change.