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Look I didn't want to be popular. But when you move from a different country, have an Australian accent: which girls think it's 'cute, be part of the youth squad of the NY Red Bulls, a singer/songwriter and works with multiple youtube channels like: RWJ (Ray William Johnson, Smosh, Alex Goot and Smosh Games). You tend to be quite popular at my school, but I don't want to be popular because when your popular everybody expects 'you' to be the one with a date to senior prom or score the winning goal. My life is pretty exciting; at school I work on music projects, help kids perfect their skills, hang out with friends at school. You see I say at school, I don't have a big social life; after school I have youth training and the days I don't have youth training I work with Smosh or RWJ with their channels. On the weekends, I usually have practice games on Saturdays and on Sunday's, I work on my music or I work with some cover artist's on youtube. The thing is: I want a girlfriend, but the girls at my school don't want a 'relationship' with the star athlete, they want to have a 'fling' with me. I want a girl with a sense of humour, a sense of style and who likes me for me, but that is very rare for people at my school. So step inside and read about my story.

"Mr. Roberts?" I break out of my daydream and stare at my English teacher, Ms Maxwell or the devil herself who tries to make my life a living hell.
"Yes ?" I try to make my voice innocent. She glared at me and turned her back to me as her short grey hair turned away from me as she started to write on the whiteboard. I should introduce myself: My name is Matt Roberts and I am a senior at Walkerville High School and also a striker for the NY Red Bull youth squad. I have messy light brown hair with hazel eyes. I am about 170cm and have some muscle but most of it is in my abs and my legs. I am one of the fastest players in the Youth Squad and also the best striker out of 10 players. I shook my head as I heard someone knocking at the classroom door. I saw the principals head poke in the classroom and asked Ms. Maxwell to see her outside. The teacher walked out and the whole class started to talk as I rested my fingers and put my hands behind my head.
"Hey man, how hard is this stuff?" Brad Cameron is one of my best friends and also a goalkeeper for the NY red bulls youth squad. Brad is a little taller then me but much more stockier having his muscles in is arms mostly, he has light brown hair like mine and blue eyes.
"Yeah, who knows what Shakespeare was thinking when he wrote Macbeth?" I joked high-fiving him.
"Ha, yeah I know. What are you doing after school?" He asked me. I looked at the calendar saying that it was a Monday and I turned back to Brad.
"It's Monday so I have why we are single for Smosh Games." I said nodding to myself lightly. I forgot to mention: I am a part timer on Smosh Games playing games alongside the Smosh gang sometimes playing in Game bang but mostly I do why we're single and the review of the games. I saw Brad open his mouth but my attention was on the door which just opened and Ms. Maxwell walked back in.
"Class, we have a new student with us." She said faking a smile; I knew that she hated us because we are very annoying. I was about to say something but I felt my ability to speak and just stare at the girl who walked in. She has long brown hair which has some blonde streaks, her eyes are sparkling blue; not like Brad's what were dark. I looked over her body which was not really tanned but gave a glow of a goddess. Her eyes caught mine and we stared into eachother's eyes until she turned away with a faint blush on her cheeks.
"Class, this is Ellie Moss and she will be joining us today." Ms. Maxwell said to the classroom. My mind went blank as she moved over to a empty desk near the front of the room. I could hear Ms. Maxwell's voice in the background but I couldn't look away from Ellie who was looking at the board with a thoughtful expression.
"Matt?" I heard my voice being called and felt a sudden pain in my left shoulder.
"Ow, what the hell was that for?" I whispered to Brad, who was smirking at me.
"Stop staring at the new chick and do your work or coach will be pissed." I punched him in the arm for that remark.

After the school day had ended, I pushed past the kids at the school car park and took off for the Smosh building down near the red bull arena which is near my school. I started to think about the new girl in class today; I smiled a little as I thought about giggling as I got a answer wrong on the pop quiz. I continued to run as I dodged pedastrians and shot down a side street which led to the Smosh building. I nearly got there but was stopped by a person. I saw the person fall and quickly grabbed her letting the books fall to the ground. I took in the brown hair and instantly knew who it is.
"Sorry, I guess I was in a rush." I said letting her stand and started to pick her books up for her. She bent down to pick up a book and our hands touched and we stared into eachother's eyes for a few seconds before picking up the rest of her books.
"Sorry about that Ellie." I said rubbing the back of my head. She smiled a little and pushed a strand off hair away from her eyes.
"It's no problem Matt." Ellie said, I nodded and asked why she was down here.
"I thought you would have got it by now, Matt." She said raising a eyebrow, I started to think why she was walking down a side street to Smosh.
"Your Lasercorn's sister." I stated, Ellie nodded and we walked into the Smosh building.
"So, what are you doing in New York?" I asked trying to make conversation. She told me that she lived in London when she decided to move here for her senior year and live with her brother and his fiancée.
"That's cool." I smiled and I know I knew that accent from somewhere.
"So, what segment is today, Rabbit's?" Ellie asked teasingly, I rolled my eyes to my screen name as I took on a code name for Smosh.
"Why we're single." I smiled as we both walked into the green screen room. I opened the door and instantly saw Matt Sohinki finishing up his part on why we're single. Ellie drooped her bags and ran to David Moss or Lasercorn and threw her arms around him.
"Hey Matt, we've finished everyone's part except yours so hurry up so we can edit and go out to dinner." Sohinki said patting me on the back. I nodded and walked infront of the green screen and the camera.
"Where's Joven?" I asked.
"He's editing our parts then he'll edit yours." Lasercorn said, I looked over to Ellie who was sitting on the couch and looked excited to see a live segment. I dropped my bag and took the change of clothes out and took of my school shirt and put on a casual top, I thought I saw Ellie blush when I took my shirt off.
"Alright, what's the topic?" I asked pumped up for a good segment.
"Kid heroes." Sohinki stated.
"Who have you guys done?" I asked hoping not to pick the one's they do.
"Joven picked Tidus and Diddy Kong and Sohinki picked Pit and Alex Kidd." Lasercorn said preparing the camera. I nodded and saw Lasercorn counting down his fingers to one.
"Video Game characters under 21, let me think well first off I have to pick Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon series. Like come on, he's 11 and he's battle Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic and Plasma and he doesn't even age! He also battles various of legendaries and dies more then onece and comes back to life, how badass is that." I finished as Laser pressed the end record button. He stuck his thumbs up and he counted down again as I thought of another kid hero.
"Another kid hero, Sora from Kingdom Hearts now everybody knows that Kingdom Hearts is my favourite series ever but guys; he's 14 in the first game and defeats various of bosses, has to battle his best friend 2 times, protects Kairi, loses his heart and closes Kingdom Hearts and then he loses his memory, forgets Riku but not Kairi, goes to sleep for a year and does the entite thing over again." I finished ranting as the others started to smirk at me.
"Matt, your doing the ending." Lasercorn said counting down again.
"Well, we stalk Kid Hero's and make them do perilous quest, I guess that's why we're single."