Sitting outside,
throwing pebbles at your window.
All those things
I should have said,
wanted to say…
left unsaid.
Bouncing off the walls,
stuck inside my head.
All the times
everything felt like it was
I'm older now;
many lessons learned,
several scars hard-earned.
I still pretend.
Take me back
to the time when you still
loved me,
It's different now.
My heart is harder now.
Time spent telling stories,
memories I wish were
I tried so hard,
fell so far.
It's over.
Whatever I felt,
whatever I needed…
has left while throwing
these pebbles.
While waiting for you
to pull back those curtains.
While waiting for you
to show me a smile.
It feels like dying,
like breaking in two.
Uhwhole, incompletely…
half of me is missing half of you.
I've run out of pebbles,
nothing left to throw.
Why am I still sitting here,
stuck aimlessly outside your window.