Title: Opium
Note: Take a hit or two.

She sat listlessly in class, waiting for something to happen. When the pills kicked in, she could feel it. Her heart kicked hard in her chest, fluttering and flailing against the sudden surge of her pulse.

Instinctively, she quickened her breathing, quiet little gasps through an open mouth. The air swept over her tongue, drying the muscle, and down her throat, until her entire mouth felt dry and swollen.

She could feel the shakes next, starting way down in her shoes. Her leg jittered lightly, an expression of agitation, boredom...pills. She glanced up at the ceiling, staring back into those florescent lightbulb eyes until her pupils were forced to stop their expansion and contract. She shifted forward in her seat, clinging to the edge of her desk to hide the shaking that had taken up in her fingertips. Her nails dug into the wood as her shoulders hunched.

Then the heaviness hit.

It felt like warm lead had been poured all down her spine, puddling in her pelvic cradle, and holding her down, weighting her down. She slumped back into her chair as gravity's pull seemed stronger. When she breathed through her nose, it felt like the air was fighting through a thin layer of cotton, getting hung up on the swollen back of her mouth and throat.

Her gaze swiveled about the class, anxious and bored and hyped up all at once. Nobody looked back. Nobody was paying attention. It was as it always was.

Anxiety gnawed at her, fraying distraught nerves even more. The colours became too bright in the classroom, all the shades of clothing and hair, and she rested her head on the desk.

She drew in slow, regulated breaths through an open mouth. Her lips felt like plastic. The notebook page was cool against her skin, and she slumped completely like a puppet with its strings cut. Words rattled into her ears, touching her brain like electric convulses. Each word made her skin flinch as it swept over her.

Suddenly, in her far-too quiet world there was too much noise. Resolved, she sat back up in a sudden rush of motion, feeling her blood sweep away from her brain and leaving her feeling light-headed. She swayed uncertainly in her seat briefly before running her hand under her nose and sitting up straight, an attentive pose for class.

Soon enough the pills would pass, and all would be right in a world, minus the elation of diphenhydramine hydrochloride-induced bliss.