Chapter 1

Stephanie Woods, or also knows simply as Steph drives as Nicola Spencer, known fondly as Nixie, lounges in the passenger seat. They were heading back after a lovely lunch at a newly opened Indian restaurant. Nixie's stomach feels like it's about to explode. She glances over to Steph, long brown hair, long legs, beautiful smile, perfect completion, like a well bred princess. Probably helps she doesn't eat nearly half a million serves of curry. Nixie groans and stretches.

"What's wrong with you now Nixie?"

"I think that last bowl of curry got me pregnant."

She laughs, and shakes her head. Nixie turns up the music and lets it blast her ear drums. She smiles at the memory of Janette, her older sister, failing at calling her Nicky when they were little and instead it came out Nixie. Funny how things like that stick. Some idiot cuts them off as they drive 100km/h down the freeway.

"I wonder how some people get their licence," sighs Steph.

"Bribery, that's how I got mine," grins Nixie teasingly.

Steph gives her a stern look and is returned with a laugh.

"I'm just kidding Steph."

"Well don't, diving is a very dangerous...Shi-"

She stops herself before the whole word comes out as she slams on her breaks to avoid hitting a motorbike who gives her the finger. She seems a little shaken but recovers easily. Nixie can't help but grin, girls like Stephanie Woods don't swear, but when they do it's hilarious.

"Oh shut up Nix."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Steph groans. Nixie glances out the window, seeing flashing lights, and a blue and white motor bike. She smiles.

"Looks like he got caught," she laughs tapping the window.

"Serves him right."

"Hey Steph, can you drop me off at Louisa's Cafe?"

"Another job?"

"No, just filling in for a friend."

"As a waitress? But you hate people."

Nixie frowns at her friend which makes Steph laugh.

"I do not hate people. I just intensely dislike stupid people who have a complete lack of common sense."

Steph shakes her head, "sure I'll drop you off. Just play nice."

Nixie pokes her tongue out. She knows she can be rude sometimes, but usually she has quite a good patience level. Steph drops Nixie off outside Louisa's.

"Hey, movie marathon at mine Wednesday night okay?" calls Nixie as she walks up the path.

"Okay, no more princess movies though Nixie."

Nixie pouts with a fat bottom lip, "Please!"

"I'll call you later," she rolls her eyes before pulling out and driving off.

The small cafe is cute. It has a rustic look to it. Green tables and chairs were set out in tables of two to four. Upon the counter was countless goodies which make Nixie's mouth water and her stomach ache just looking at them. Written in neat, curly chalk was the menu above the counter. The general theme was green. It was cozy and warm. She walks up to a lady in a white shirt and black pants. She turns and grins warmly at her, her aged face friendly.

"You must be Nicola?"

"Everyone calls me Nixie," smiles Nixie, the woman kisses her cheek friendly.

"I am Louisa. Isn't it wonderful news that Tash has gotten married, to such a lovely young man as well" she smiles trotting off out back, Nixie follows.

Nixie decides it wouldn't be polite to mention the reason behind the quick marriage. Tash's parents are rather strict and would have actually locked her up in chains if they knew she had gotten pregnant.

"Here's your uniform. You'll be here for a couple of weeks is that correct?"

"Yes. Um, but I work most mornings at Bianca's Bakery and some afternoons. She said it is okay if I take less shifts."

"Oh we can work around that love. Now, Harriet will give you the general rundown and then you can get started."

Harriet tries to explain how everything works, Nixie breaths in slowly, feeling like along with her exploded stomach her brain has imploded as well. She obviously can't be bothered, and the questions annoy her immensely. It's not my fault I have no idea how they run this place.

"Got it?"

Nixie smiles and nods, she shoves a pen and paper in her hand and walks off, "No," she pouts as costumers pile in.

For a small cafe it is extremely busy. Nixie finds herself running around like a headless chook, stuffing up orders, bringing plates to the wrong tables. On top of looking like a general train wreck, hair falling out of her loose bun, food on the cuffs of the once nearly ironed shirt, Louisa in all fun and good humour flicked flour at her face. If Nixie was being honest with herself she didn't mind too much, it was nice to have a laugh after running around. That was until a very good looking brown haired, blue eyed male specimen walks in and she gets stuck taking his order and without having time to thoroughly remove the flour. She walks over slowly, trying desperately to brush the flour off, but it was stubborn. She feels her throat start to close up, her stomach tightening, and her cheeks flush pink. She tries to shake it off, telling herself that she has a boyfriend.

"Hi," she says softly, almost a whisper, he doesn't respond, She bites her lip and clears her throat, trying to put on a cheery customer voice, "Hello, may I take you order?"

He looks up at her, looking harassed, suddenly not so attractive.

"Flat white," he replies before turning back to his paper and laptop.

She nods and turns to walk away; he did look rather business like, black suit, blue tie, and brief case. Though he looked a little young in his suit, probably around 22 or so, about the same age as her sister. She walks back to the counter, having no clue how to work the coffee machine.

"Louisa? Could you help me please?"

She comes over and instructs what to do to make a flat white coffee.

"All done lovely, which table?"

Nixie thinks hard, "I think it was table 5? The guy in the suit."

"Oh he's good looking, would be a good match for someone like you."

She laughs forcefully, "I don't think so. I prefer a smile to a scowl."

She smiles and goes off to serve another customer.

Nixie walks carefully, trying not to spill the hot coffee. A little girl in front grins up at her as she colours in her book. Nixie returns the smile. Then splat! The girl had left her pink princess bag quite far away from her chair. With a lack of concentration, and a clumsy streak Nixie falls and spills the guys coffee all over him. Her knee hits the ground hard. Feeling it go out of its socket for a second before returning back in place. Stupid weak knees. She blames having netball as her favourite sport since she was six, figuring it was bound to catch up on her eventually.

"Argh!" he yells jumping to his feet.

She glances up and he is scowling down at her.

"I, I am so sorry."

"I have an interview in an hour! I don't have time to go home, this is my only suit, and all you say is sorry?"

"I didn't mean to spill the coffee on you," she says to the floor.

Louisa comes running up and tries to calm the guy down. Nixie starts wheezing, she tries to breath but her lungs won't take in the air. Chest tightening she curses having asthma. She stands, her knee weak and sore. She limps towards the counter.

"Nixie are you okay?" asks Louisa as she leaves the guy fuming.

Nixie nods a response before indicating the need for her puffer. She rummages through her bag wheezing before it is found. She holds it to her lips and sprays it, breathing deeply. She tosses it back in the bag and then grabs out her knee brace. After not having it in similar situations she has found herself feeling even weaker in the knees. She breathes deeply and walks back over to the guy. Keeping herself calm in order to avoid another episode. She looks up at him. He was like goliath, really tall, still grumpy looking, but concern tainted his features.

"I am sorry about the coffee," she says before looking down at her feet and biting her lip, what else was she meant to say.

He sighs agitatedly before running his fingers through his hair.

"I'll deal with it."

She fumble with the change in her hands and holds it out for him, "I can get you another if you like. On me."

He takes the change and shakes his head, "I have to get going."

He turns towards the door to leave. She bites her lip, don't do it Nixie.

"I may have a suit that fits you," she calls.

He turns looking extremely confused. She walks up to him.

"You could borrow my Dad's old suit, it may fit."

He frowns.

"Come on, I am super sorry about ruining yours, but you can borrow mine and then get that job, earn a bucket load and get yourself a new suit right?"

He breaks eye contact and runs his fingers through his hair.

"How far away do you live?"

A smile breaks across her face, "Not too far, come on. Louisa, do you mind if I head out for a minute?"

"Sure thing honey, don't worry about coming back in, we can take care of it. Keep the shirt and I'll email you about your shifts okay?"

"Okay, thanks. Bye."

"Goodbye Nixie, thanks for helping out."

She waves goodbye and walks out of the store.

"Okay, if we run we can get to my place in fifteen minutes," she say glancing at her plastic watch.

"Or we can drive," he says unlocking a sleek black sedan out the front of the cafe.

"This is your car?" she asks her jaw dropping.


She sits in the passenger seat, realising that getting a ride with a complete stranger isn't the best of ideas. She worries if he doesn't abduct her right now, he will know where she lives and be able to come back and kill her later. She convinces herself she's just being paranoid, too many late night cop shows. She keeps an eye on him anyway, making him feel rather uncomfortable.

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