Dedicated to: My Art teachers

Special thanks to: AkiraLynn, DarknessesDownfall, Maxstories95, & MysteriousFire for encouraging me to write this story.

Since I was a baby, adults had misled us into believing that any form of creativity was wrong. They'd purposely spoon feed us information about Math and Science with hopes that we'd become the next great doctor or lawyer. The Arts, Drama, and Music were cut from the school's curriculum completely. Even still, there are some people, artists, writers, musicians, rappers, dancers, and actors that exist in the shadows. They perform for small crowds that are still in favour of the arts, around people that they're certain won't ridicule them for their talents. Even religion seems to be practiced in secret.

Me personally, I can't say that I've ever been much good at art. I've tried to make a drawing once or twice within the last year, but I've never been that good. I've tried to draw myself and it just looked like a bunch of wavy circles and boxes. I'm completely awe-struck by how some people can draw something that looks so life-like just by using normal pencils, the same kind I use to take notes in Science class.

My older brother, Max Seegers, he's a real artist. My parents named him Maximum meaning 'the greatest', they must have thought that if they named him that then he'd grow up to be some big shot judge or accountant. He would draw all the time in grade school. At that time my parents didn't really think it was a very big deal though. He seemed to do a fairly good job at keeping his grades up, so just as long as his grades wouldn't drop below his eighty percent average or Max didn't have any serious plans to look into being an artist as a future career, then my parents would let him draw.

However, in recent years, Max has grown colder. Since starting high school I haven't seen him draw a single thing. He's now in grade twelve and I have no idea what he's thinking about sometimes. He mostly just seems to keep to himself. It's so weird, he seems to have broken all the bonds and friendship he has had before. It's now like he's alive on the outside, but already dead on the inside. I've felt broken before, but I'm not even sure what is going through Max's head.

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