There was a beep, a bang, and a whoop as the machine started up ad a hologram of Captain Zurg appeared on screen.

"Attention aliens of Zurgon! The Voorgons and The Pikolonians are attacking, weakening our planet. We have already lost half of our population. We need some help!" He boomed.

"But who are our allies?" A small voice squeaked in the background.

"The Badgettes!" Zurg yelled.

"How? I thought they were wiped out by an asteroid, like the rest of the earth, 500 years ago!" Gasped the same voice who had asked the question previously.

"It appears they haven't. My radar tests show that there has been high Badgette activity in...Wisconsin! We must send our fleet there! I must go now...the battery on my Zurgphone 4 is dying...bye..." The voice of Captain Zurg crackled, fizzed and died out, leaving the aliens with nothing but the pleasure of getting a hologram sent. Oh, and the fact that they were responsible for taking two important people (AKA Stringy and Mopy, the badgettes) to Zurgon, getting them there alive and taking care of them so they could fight the enemy aliens. But how? Would everything do to plan? Or would it all fall to the dogs?

Only time would tell...

Disclaimer: Stringy and Mopy are owned by the superduper amazing MegaRdaniels. The Zurgs are my imaginary friends, and they do live on the planet Zurgon.

Bye, all!