Disclaimer: I do NOT own Stringy and Mopy. They are created by MegaRDaniels.

Stringy stared through the window, her eyes glimmering with amazement as she watched the meteors flash past. She hadn't seen anything like this since the incident 500 years ago with the asteroid that had killed most of her family but given her, Mopy, and any other remaining survivors immortality. But these meteors were nothing like that asteroid. These meteors were special.

And it was a pity that only she and her Aunt Bella-who survived the Asteroid by wearing a colander-were the only ones in the house that could see the phenomenon.

"Nachos, String-bean?"

Aunt Bella called to Stringy from the kitchen.

"Yes, please, Aunt Bella. And it's Stringy, not-" Stringy was about to finish off her sentence, but she was stopped by a pulsating purple thing, which had just smashed through the front wall of the lounge...

A/N: And so, we have a cliffhanger! I wonder what'll happen next...