16 years of living in this quiet town beside the sea. The smell of fish clung to everything that I don't actually notice I can smell it. 16 years of looking outside my window onto the sea wishing I could escape this town on a boat and go with the wind. 16 years of wishing. 16 years of doing nothing about it. All this changed within a week. One week before my 17th birthday someone moved into town. I guess this was a sign for me to do something than wishing. It gave me the motivation to actually start pursuing my goal.


No one has actually transferred to our school in the middle of the year, so to the students and staff this was a big shock. The new student was a male; I knew that from the rumours going around all the girls. All I heard all day was

"He's a model."

"I hear he's from a rich family but got disowned."

"I heard that he's running from the CIA" etc. etc. And yes, I didn't believe any of it. If he was any of those people that I was hearing about he wouldn't off picked this town. Would he? Either way for me it was a normal day. Yes, I was curious about the boy joining our class but nothing more.

Just like he joined half way through the year, he came to class half way through the lesson. To be honest I wasn't really paying attention, not like I hadn't been doing that for the whole class, but when the teacher stopped talking and the girls murmured gossip started I lifted my head up from my book and leaned my head on my hand and looked to the front just like everybody else.

His biker helmet was held firmly under his arm. His leather jacket clung tightly to his body as well as his black jeans. His hair flopped loosely over one eye showing the other blazing bright blue one clearly. His slim face and sharp features matched in perfect harmony. His tall slim frame towered over the teacher and properly most of the residents in town. I swear, after every girl looked him over, they all sighed in unison. It was pretty creepy. I just pulled my cardigan sleeves down further and went back to my notebook, my curiosity over. But, of course, it didn't last.

As I sit at the back out of everyone's gaze so I could keep to myself, because I do that there are always empty seats. Welcome Mr new guy. He placed his helmet loudly on the desk and moved his seat very close to mine.

"Hey" he whispered in my ear. I shivered slightly and rubbed my neck. "Can I share your textbook for now until I get my own?" I just nodded and slid the book over to him. I just went back to doodling after that but I could feel him smirking at me and tried to block him out but it was hard.

"So," he said when the teacher told us to tidy our things away. "Anything fun to do around here?"

"Unless you enjoy fishing, you're just as bored as the rest of us."

"I'm sure I can find something." He smirked and I just rolled my eyes whilst pulling my bag over my shoulder. Girls started walking up to him, asking him questions or just curious, like they were toddlers again all wanting to play with the new toy. I took it as my cue to leave silently and buy my lunch before the queues started forming. I sat in my usual place as crowds started flowing in through the door. Autumn slid into the seat next to me grinning. I know she is my best friend but I swear that she has an evil twin sometime that just wants to make my life torture.

"So, I hear he was in your class today" she said nudging me in my arm. I sighed and looked at her.

"Yes? What about him?"

"Well… tell me something about him."

"Why would you need me to tell you about him? Why not just go up to him like everyone else? Or, I know. Stand beside his motorbike after school so you can talk to him then" Her eyes lit up when I said motorbike.

"Really? He has a motorbike?" Clasping onto my arm, her way of saying to tell me more.

"Well I don't think the helmet and biker jacket are just for show." Her grip tightened before letting go. I rested my head on my hand again looked at him and the crowd around him.

"I don't get it. He's just another guy. Why all the fuss?"

"Why all the fuss you say? Well I can tell you, He's new, he is handsome and I don't think I need any other reasons than that." I sighed again and went back to my lunch.

The rest of the day passed by in a blur. The usual lessons along with the usual convocations with the usual people and teachers. You know the usual. I always liked going home after school finished. It gave me a chance to be on my own and look out over the sea and dream about what lay beyond those waters. But because today being, well, today, it wasn't exactly like that.

As I walked out of my last lesson of the day I bumped into someone knocking whatever was in their hands to clatter on the ground noisily. I instantly went down to pick whatever was dropped on the floor, when I did I found myself holding a helmet. I stood up and handed it to him.

"Sorry I bumped into you." I said and started to walk around him, but he griped my arm keeping me in place.

"No, it's my fault." I looked at him as he said it. Now he wasn't whispering I heard his full voice. It was husky and deep, everything a girl would dream about.

"Let me make it up to you. I can give you a ride home." My eye flickered to his helmet then back at him. When I opened my mouth to say no he just twitched the corners of his lips up slightly and pulled me with him. His bike was parked just outside the gate. He took my bag off my shoulder and placed it under his seat so I didn't have to hold onto it. He got on the bike and passed me the helmet.

"What about you?" I said as I took it from his hands.

"I'll be fine. You've never been on a bike before so you need it more than me." I looked at him then put the helmet on and fastened it and got on behind him. He revved the engine and I clung to his waist tightly but he only laughed.

"Hold on tight." As he said this he geared up the engine again and zoomed down the roads.

The scene around me went passed in a giant blur. No sound apart from the bike could have been heard and I couldn't catch any scents that I normally do on my walk home. I clung to his waist tighter, scared that I could fall of any moment. It felt … well I couldn't really describe it. It was completely different and something I never experienced before that I felt I wasn't on earth before.

I guess he asked where I lived but I couldn't really hear over the engine. I gave him the general direction in response. After that I just enjoyed the ride.

"So, what's your name? No one's ever said it." He asked after a while.

"Hayden. Hayden West. What about you? What's your name?"

"It's Baku Kain." He turned his head slightly to face me with a smirk on his face then looked back at the road.

"Baku? It sounds…" Before I could finish he interrupted me.

"It's Japanese for 'Eater of dreams'" I smiled slightly.

"It's nice. I like it." He seemed to smile when I said that.

We spent the rest of the journey in silence. He stopped outside my house. I got off and passed him his helmet back as he passed me my bag. I nodded as a thank you, turned and walked back into my house. The day carried on as normal then. Homework, eating dinner with my family then socializing on the internet and, of course, sleep. When my head touched the pillow and my eyes closed I just seemed to drift off. Only this time someone very new and familiar showed up in my dreams that night.

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