Chateaux Lumineux

~Writing In Crayon

In the year 2025, there's a city known as Ridgard located somewhere in the United States. The exact location to this day remains classified, as everyone we asked about it refused to answer. Although, we've known for the past five years that it's a sensitive topic for the citizens outside of this mysterious location and that most would rather not be involved. We will call this location "Xerxes" to keep things straight.

In the city of Ridgard in Xerxes lives a sophomore girl at the age of fifteen. Her name is Lumina Castle, and she harbors some French blood. She is our leading lady.

"Lumina? What kind of a name is that?" You must be asking. "No normal girl is named that!" Dear reader, in this decade, some parents choose to name their child something that grows to reflect their personality in the future. Strange name or not, Lumina does not go by her first name. No, she goes by Castle, her last name.

The girl has teased, periwinkle hair that goes down to her breasts and ends in pink tips. Her eyes are olive green and her skin fair. She had a black tanktop and skinny jeans to go with it, black converse hightops coming next. To top it off... Snakebite piercings.

Castle is a student at Bellmass High, a place that not only teaches lessons traditional to twenty so years ago, but each year the students must take a required class that teaches them to fend for themselves in case of terrorists attack.

Terrorists.. The greatest threat against the country in this decade, with Xerxes being the main target. It is because of this that students enrolled in the school must take this required class each year.

Castle, wielder of Raptor Claw Knives, oh won't you and the others enrolled in Bellmass help protect the country against terrorism?

A girl with lime green hair with red streaks picked up in a messy, poofy ponytail walked in the common area of Bellmass, passing lunch table by lunch table as few stared at her vulnerable innocence that was concealed only by a pair of black panties with strings at the sides that had a martini glass printed across the , olive and all. Her hips sway and she keeps on as her green fishnet stockings that barely went past her knees dug into her soft flesh and the pink, glimmering anklets around her right ankle dug into her skin aswell. Her hands that were also gloved by green fishnet and pink bracelets held a pair of black, ankle-high boots that brushed against her thighs as she walked. She reached into her lime green tanktop and removed her cellphone from her bra, flipping it open for any new messages.

"But why could a highschool girl possibly be allowed to wear her panties in school?!"

It would be hard to fight and defend yourself against terrorists with a winterjacket weighing you down, wouldn't it?

"Yes, but-"

..Which is why schools these days allow students to wear less clothing, typically during training sessions. In *most* cases, there is less sex appeal.

The girl, Martini (Marti) Belkin strutted over to a lunch table, where she plopped herself down across from another female, the strings tied into bows onto her panties bouncing.

"Ohh, Castle!" Martini chimed, rotating herself and lying her back and head on the table top until she was looking at the Sophomore girl at an almost upside down angle, her cleavage visible to the other female, too.

Castle didn't look up, her face buried in a book with a silver, engraved covering, a lock hanging off the side.

Martini sighed boredly. "Sheesh, are you still studying?" The panty wearing girl tightened her shoulders and chest as she put emphasis on "still", and then relaxed them and chuckled as Castle looked up just in time to see her breasts jiggle as they fell back into place.

"..I just think it would be best to learn as most about my weapons as I can!" Castle defended herself. She wasn't much of a bookwork except when it came to something she was ambitious about.

Martini let out an annoyed groan as she rolled her head to the side, her pink hoop earrings dragging across the table top.

"Shit, I'm bored." She threw her upper body up until she was sitting up normal on the bench again. What was a girl supposed to do?

"..I'm gonna go get some Jack Daniel's." She decided, standing up.

"Just don't get mixed in with the girls who do illegal heroin in the locker room." Castle reminded her.

"Right." Martini thought to herself. Underaged drinking was legal now, so she could have all the booze she wanted... As long as she didn't get caught drinking at school. But one lick of an illegal drug and they'd expell her in a heartbeat. Not saying another word, she went off on her way to the locker room.

She passed by dozens of the other students talking to eachother, trading notes for tests, and gossiping in general until she found herself outside the locker room. Opening the door, she took a deep wiff to smell smoke and other odd smells that weren't so odd for the locker room. A couple of giggling, high girls shoved passed her to go god knows where. Martini smirked. The drunk life was for her, but druggies could go f 'em selves. She stepped onto the cold, cement floor, her ankle boots still in her hands as she approached her locker, which was the smallest out of all four locker sizes. It was about a cubic foot. She spun her combination into the lock and opened the door to reveal her stash of various alcohol and liquor products. Maybe if she got a locker upgrade someday, she could have her own personal bar.

That is..

She reached down and tugged on her fishnet stockings to relieve stress as the girls doing heroin on the other side of the locker room giggled.

If it weren't for them.

She forced her shoes into her tiny locker, lifting a knee to keep bottles of her precious liquid paradise from falling and breaking. She took out a small bottle of Mexican Tequila and popped the lid, quickly pouring some of the liquid down her throat and swallowing in quick gulps. She slammed the locker as the girls let out more screeching, slurred laughter.

"..Bitches." Martini smirked as she made her way out of the locker room, wanting nothing to do with them. She capped her beverage and shoved it in her bra, hoping the container was small enough to go unnoticed.