- Shooting Stars -

The stars illuminated the velvety curtain of black that hung overhead, easing further and further into night like a bear going into hibernation. The bigger dipper hung down, catching the sorrow and longing that dripped from her parted lips and bleeding heart. Her tears had long since run out, but the aching in her heart was open; a wound quite old, but appearing so fresh.

It had been approximately a year since they had met. The two had been "strangers, starting out on a journey", as the song from the animated movie Anastasia so fervently put it. While the song had a sweet melody, his anthem was B.Y.O.B. by System Of A Down. There was not a greater possibility of a clash.

Lingering on these thoughts, she heaved a sigh and continued through the noisy halls numb to everyone around her. The couples holding hands, kissing, saying hellos or goodbyes. When he walked away, there had been so many 'what ifs' that had never been fulfilled - being together had been the biggest one of all.

Despite it, life had its ways and she was in no spot to complain. His absence did not leave her void of anything, at least, no more than her father's failed attempt or lack thereof at raising her had. Settling down into the back corner of the room, she peered out the window, taking in the outside world as beautiful as it had ever been. As beautiful as it had been that April, when they'd first met.

Their meeting, needless to say, had been nothing traditional. It was no immediate connection, "Romeo and Juliet" reincarnated or any fairytale lies, but it had been something, when he chucked those ropes of red licorice at her in his most-immature manner.

"Hey! Watch it!" Her outburst had surprised even herself, as she had been such a shy girl back then. Throughout that night, riding on her friend's coattails, she had found confidence enough to crawl out of her shell. Picking up a pillow she thrust it, whacking him in the back.

"Assault!" He had cried, turning around and waving licorice adamantly in her direction. "That's it. I'm going to get your name, address and sue you!"

It had been the most illogical conversation she had ever had on a first-meet basis, but she accepted it without too many doubts. Though most of the evening she paid him no mind, there were minor details that left a trail of hints rather than breadcrumbs for him to follow.

Soon enough, like a mouse hungry for the actual prize, he inched closer and closer, breeding hope where there hadn't been any for her. It started off with naive, playful messages; he would tell her how pretty she was and tease her all the same, leaving her giggling as if she were a little girl once more. In reality, she had never expected the tables to turn fully, but it is always wise to expect the unexpected.

It was that night, while she was hiding from the love show of her two friends and the lonely humming of a new-found stranger that he showed up for her. She had rushed upstairs, quietly, as not to wake her father sleeping on the couch, and dashed for the door. He stood out in the driveway, bathed in the headlights of his car that had yet to flicker off. It was hard to resist running and leaping into his arms, and she hadn't.

From that moment, the first true moment, his embrace had been warm and comforting. He held her tightly to him, a bear hug, letting her know she was secure in his strong arms. Every prince has a weakness though, but that was quite far off in the horizon.

The night wasted away as she versed him in games, losing terribly and accepting her fate all the same.

Lost my Word program on my computer when I got a new hard drive, so all my documents that are uploaded here are old things that I delete and re-write whatever I need to over.

Uploaded this, re-read it, and opted to keep it with some minor changes. This is from three years ago or so, was still in high school. Silly kid stuff, but I thought someone might appreciate it at some level x3