Somehow you're still miles away, it's safe to say, and
Still lacking in taste.
You're a touch overrated.
You're addicted to the
Blind power you have over me.
Even with death at my window,
You step back and hear me,
I'm calling out your name, but
You're a minute away and every minute is
A mile away.
Every minute is a progression you would
Gladly prefer to the inferior me, so leave.
You willingly wash your hands, give me
Over to my grave, erase me so there's
Nothing left but the dust
of past shames.
Uncover sleeping eyes to see how my pain
Can be your gain.
Being drowned - that's more that I long to do.
Becoming a memory, I give up,
The center of this whole mess.
My connection to you, you can tear us apart,
You can try,
But don't you know,
You'll always be stuck with me.
I put your picture aside, swallowed the fact
That our love is through, swallowed the
Lies all about anything,
everything. Every
You force fed me growing up is now
Running in circles in your mind.
Wearing my black eye like a bullet laced vest on your chest,
You pull me apart from yourself.
The days where you were everything I need and,
No, ma'am I would (not) falter and fail.
Without you, what did I expect,
I'm no good at comebacks but
I'm too spineless; break me every
Time you close your eyes and
Hope I'll grow back stronger, like a parasite.
I'm burning out.
Maybe you should try to see me.
Every mile you go farther,
There's another bullet embedded in my lungs.
And yet as I fade,
And yet as you watch,
I beckon death to my window,
With desperate arms and begging eyes.