The Universal Guardians

(The Ninjas)

By Gregory Clements Jr.

Copyright © 2007 Gregory Clements


This is an adventure in which a group of children will constantly venture out to protect humanity from an evil force that could enshroud the entire universe in darkness. Our heroes will not only be faced with evil, but also have deep rooted personal and social issues to take on as well. Our heroes will deal with gang violence, organized crime and even dirty politics. If they are unable to stop the evil, then all will be lost

Universal Guardians

Plot: Centuries ago a force known as the Universal Guardians watched over everything. A time came when an opposing force they named the Universal Tyrants began to make an advance towards the Earth. The tyrants power was not limited because they had organic bodies and could grow in strength. The Guardians being only spirits would never grow stronger. They chose to fuse with a living being so that their powers could grow within them. They would go from human to human for centuries and grow stronger until the day the tyrants showed up. To hold the tyrants off they created the Guardian Seal. This seal would repel the Universal Tyrants; however some of the lesser tyrants could bypass the seal. These lesser tyrants who have bypassed the seal have been ordered to break the seal and allow their leader to pass through. Once their leader has passed he will be able to completely destroy the seal and will grant the rest of the Tyrant's passage. The Universal Guardians must choose a group of hosts to defeat the lesser tyrants and prevent them from opening the seal.

Second Beginning


During the 15th century the Universal Tyrant, Kron sent an army led by the lesser tyrant Daycon beyond the seal to Earth. Daycon and his army were defeated by a group chosen by the Universal Guardians and he was trapped inside a cave after a decisive battle. Centuries passed as Daycon lay dormant. In 1987 Daycon began to rise again. He summoned reinforcements for a new army and would spend years preparing. During this time the Universal Guardians prepared a new group to face off against Daycon. The year is now 1997. The Universal Guardians have chosen their hosts and are ready to once again face Daycon.

Chapter 1: The Black Ninja

(Opening cut scene)

Bot: (Is asleep on his bed resting peacefully. A parrot flies onto his window seal and enters the room through his window witch is open just wide enough for it to fit though. It perches on the head of his bed.)

Piceto: WAKE UP!

Bot: (Springs up in shock and looks around before seeing Piceto.)

Piceto: Hello Bot it's been a while since I last saw you.

Bot: Am I dreaming?

Piceto: No, this is no dream. You don't remember yet, but you have been chosen to fight the forces of evil. In fact we have been preparing you for this since you were only five.

Bot: What?

Piceto: (Flaps his wings blowing air into Bot's face.) Remember...

Bot: (Goes into a dream like state)

(Bot is in the middle of the street looking around. He and three others must advance down the street and hurry to the warehouse to stop an unidentified man from stealing hardware from it.)

Bot: (Is five years old in this dream state. He is wearing all orange. His weapon is a pair of nunchucks)

Dale: (Wearing all blue, is also five and carries a small practice katana)

Kevin: (Wearing all purple. He is six and wielding a short staff)

Billy: (Wearing all red. He is five and carries a sai with rounded tips)

Joey: (Is six. He is staying behind. He gives them guidance and leadership, but they don't think to question why a six year old is able to lead them.)

(The boys do not yet realize the seriousness of the mission they are on. They fight thugs as they get closer. When they reach the warehouse, they are stopped by a six year old named Andrew.)

Cut scene

Andrew: (Andrew is wearing a white set of clothes and wielding a wooden bat.) Hey! You can't go in there! I was told to beat you guys up if you came here.

Dale: Move Andrew!

Andrew: Make me. Joey isn't here. You can't beat me.

(Andrew fights with the boys)

(Post-battle Cut-scene)

(Andrew overwhelms the boys. One by one he knocks them to the ground. A voice yells to Andrew saying that it is about time to go. Bot gets to his feet and charges at Andrew.)

Bot: Don't let them get away! (Bot faces Andrew alone)

(Post-battle Cut-scene)

(Bot has his back to the railing. Andrew swings at his head. Bot ducks under it and Andrew stumbles from his own momentum. Bot charges and shoves him into the railing and pushes him over it. Andrew falls into a dumpster below. Sirens can be heard in the background and Bot runs off to join the other boys who had left to keep the other criminals from escaping with the hardware. He stops for a moment as he sees a man go to the dumpster to get Andrew out of it. The flash back ends.)

Bot: (Comes out of his dream state.) What's wrong with ya'll? Putting kids into those situations?

Piceto: You wore clothes that protected you. You were safe, but after that fight your memories of those events were surpressed.

Bot: Then why have you come to me again?

Piceto: Actually this is the third time.

Bot: Third? (Lifts a brow)

Piceto: Yes. You see we had to test you, to see if you where the one. The second time we went to you, you were ten. But the group was changed. Is it coming back to you? This time you wore a black outfit rather than orange.

Bot: (Reflects on his past as he begins to remember another big fight he had.)

(Cut Scene)

(Bot is thirteen. His outfit is black and he is still using a pair of nunchucks. Joey is back and is wearing silver. He wields a sword with a rounded edge. Joey is fighting along side of them this time and still acts as the leader. Chris is wearing green and he is using a staff. Jacob is wearing gold and wielding a sai with rounded tips. They are about to engage in battle with three mutants. Batts is a skinny man with partially developed wings, fangs, and pointy bat ears. Ram is a large muscular man with grayish skin and developing ram horns. Croc is also a large muscular man with greenish skin, a developing crocodile tail, crocodile teeth, and webbed hands and feet. Behind them is a man familiar to Bot. It was the same man that had gone to Andrew's aid when Bot knocked him into the dumpster. The man heads inside a building behind them.)

Joey: Someone has to stop Gracky. (Referring to the man running inside)

Bot: I'll do it. (Bot follows him and leaves the others to fight without him. Bot looks around seeing all kinds of computer devices and equipment. A door opens and something with red lights for eyes blasts Bot from the doorway and knocks him out momentarily. Bot wakes up strapped to a table with things stuck to his head.)

Gracky: This is interesting. I've noticed throughout the years of being pestered by mere children that one in particular would have angry outbursts. I am certain that you are the same boy that used to wear orange. As we speak I am scanning your brain patters. What I don't understand is how you children manage to get in my way so often and survive. It seems as if possibly other worldly forces are behind it, but you… You are just a boy none the less. Yet you outlasted the others in the former group. Three of the others have been replaced. I say this to you. You should not be against me. You should join me. You fight for people who do not care for you. The moment something goes wrong they will be ready to blame you. It has happened before. No one truly appreciate you because people are selfish. You should do the same. Let yourself want and take what you want. You have the power to do so. (He looks at the device scanning Bot's brain) You fight hard to protect people who would just as soon turn you into the enemy if things ever seemed hopeless. They wouldn't protect you if you needed them. People are terrible. So why do you bother to protect them when someone like you could have so much more? You have even been called hoodlums on occasion. Trouble makers. If they want to call you that why don't you actually cause some real trouble? At least then they would be right and they would learn how wrong they are to chastise you. You deserve more and through me you can get that. Just like Andrew.

Bot: (Starts to become angry as he thinks about what Gracky said. Gracky was right about people not appreciating him. It did bother him and for a moment Bot's brain patters shifted dramatically. )

Gracky: (Fumbles and saves the footage on his computer twice as he hears the others rushing in.)

Joey: Hey! Let him go! The police will be here soon!

Gracky: Curse you brats! You get in my way too often! (He takes a disc out of his computer and flees as the others get Bot loose.)

Bot: (Sighs and sits up. He thinks about what happened and what Gracky said.)

(The flash back ends)

End of chapter