Authors Note: A little short story I whipped up awhile ago... It's just some fun little post apocalyptic, war ridden world I came up with. Enjoy! :P

No Longer Running

It was thirteen years ago today the war started. Ten years ago yesterday I discovered I was a Natural, and three weeks ago as of tomorrow, that my nephew and I were captured and entered into the enslaving process. My head hung, looking at my bloodied bare feet as my unwashed, knotted hair hung in my face. The shackles that dug into the skin on my wrists hung me just above the ground. If I stood on the tips of my toes I could relieve the pain that radiated from my arms and shoulders but I'd been doing it for so long my toes were too sore and broken themselves to do it any more…

I was sealed in the Wind unit, so the dirty tag on my jumpsuit told me.A stained piece of fabric that hung sadly off the chest of my slave uniform read 'Rayne', which was my name, along with 'Wind Unit' and a bunch of numbers. The metallic silver matched the rest of the barred metal cell, very little air circulation too which is why my last two cell mates had already been broken and given in. That's how they get you, torture until you surrender because they need you to co-operate. Not me though, I had a plan and I was getting out of here. Last week I decided that my group wasn't coming for me, that my nephew, Leo, and I were gonna have to get out of here on our own.

It was really early in the morning, less guards patrolled at this time, at least from what I've noticed over the course of my stay here in Margo's enslaving unit. Margo assumed the Naturals would at least try and sleep at this time and that less guards would be needed. That was her downfall for sure, she was one of the younger, more ignorant land owners. The world was divided into sectors years before I was born, each sector had a designated ruler, none of the rulers got along.

One thing led to another and a huge war broke out that killed off a quarter if not more of the human population. Naturals had been starting to appear a few years before that instantly getting enlisted to help in the war for land, mostly against their will. Flamers, Wind Runners, Earth Shifters, Plant Whisperers, to name a few, all being captured just to get genetically enhanced and sent into battle. Us Naturals usually run in groups, safety in numbers right? I pictured that night I had gotten captured, Margo's soldiers had somehow found and raided our camp. I tried to lead them away as a distraction I couldn't take all of them. Leo came after me, being only 13 he got captured pretty easily, me and him have been stuck in this slaving camp since. But we were leaving tonight if it killed us.

I took a deep breath, it smelled putrid in this place, and I was exhausted but a Naturals powers only worked if they had adrenalin pumping through them. I needed to get worked up, but quietly as to not alert the guards, otherwise I'd get sedated and loose my chance. Another deep breath and my heart sped slightly, I got more angry taking in my surroundings. I ground my teeth feeling my beaten face get hot, I felt the familiar tingle in my finger tips, the wind picked up around the dirt by my feet. I smiled and one more breath I had to focus, I was one of the best Wind Runners out there, they couldn't keep me locked up.

With one final exhale I whipped my head up sending up a blast of air so fast and thin it sliced through my metal chains and I was free. With the metal shackles still hung from my wrists like bracelets, I fell to my knees. I kept back the tears and channelled the pain in my battered body to muster more anger, more energy, more crucial adrenalin. I stood, strong, tall and shaking, no one had noticed me yet but they soon would. I'd be long gone by then though, they didn't call my kind Wind Runners for nothing. With a super speed that could only be like the wind I was out of my cage and down the hall, air skating towards were they kept Drops. Were Leo would be imprisoned.

Before I made it to the east wing of the unit I heard a noise coming from one of the rooms as I passed, it was unmistakable. The control room, where all the power and controls for the enslaving unit would be… I slipped inside and luckily no one was there. A voice in the back of my head begged me to just get out of there, that I hadn't eaten in days or slept in a week or two, and that my adrenalin would run out before I escaped. I shook it off, if I could take down Margo's main unit she would be off my back for months. And gunning for you worse than before once back on her feet. Again I shook the voice off and went to work pulling wires and pushing buttons, alarms went off. Which scared me, more adrenalin, but I noticed a countdown on one of the screens, self detonation? I think so! I took off and was gone before the guards running down the hall even had a chance to see me. I made it to the Drop section easily enough, you could taste the dry air before I even stepped inside. Leo was restrained and wide awake, once he saw me his eyes went wide. "You actually did it!" I shushed him and sliced his chains.

"I need you to blast some walls for me. This place is gonna explode in three minutes. "His face went pale. The bags under his eyes and white shade of his skin told me they hadn't fed or let him sleep either. He was inexperienced with his powers but one of the most powerful Naturals I'd ever seen. He took a few deep breaths like I did in my cell and clapped his hands together, drawing water from our bodies, soaking it into the cement wall and then imploding it. Fresh air hit my face and I knew we were almost out. "Hop on!" He jumped on my back and I was significantly slowed by his weight and lack of adrenalin but we were going fast enough to be free.

As I manipulated the air around my feet to air skate away from the prison sand flew up behind us, leaving a clear trail of displaced dirt to where we were going, maybe Margo planned that when she set up shop in the middle of the desert. Luckily, Leo being the smart kid he was quickly fixed this by dampening the sand around us, it would dry before they realized we were missing. I knew how to take down entire units now, the control room, if broken into all of them probably had the same self detonating system. At least all of Margo's did, we were turning this war around.

No more running, no more hiding, this war now goes both ways. Once we were a few miles out we heard the blast, a plume of smoke billowed into the now greying sky as small pieces of shrapnel and soot rained down around us. Leo passed out on my back, and I carried him till I couldn't feel my legs anymore, once we rested, we'd find our group again. I'd tell them about what I know and we will spread it to the rest of the Natural groups. There was hope for us yet. I fell to the leaf covered ground, we had a few hours before they came looking for us, if they did at all.