Jesse was sitting on the porch outside crying silently. After only a couple weeks of summer he already got bad news, he was going to move to the state of Tennessee. When his parents told him he was utterly stunned and just walked away from them with no words. No one came to comfort him about this because they had no idea how he was truly feeling. His closest friends, everyone he cares about, he would have to leave them so soon. What made it worse for him is that he had to leave who he considered to be the most important person in his life up to that point. As Jesse continued to cry it began to rain. Jesse thought. How fitting, a summer storm to match my feelings. He thought back to all the times he had been with his friends, rain or shine it was always a memorable experience with them. Every friend he had was one of a kind. Then he lost it. He ran right out into the rain, no idea where he was going, but he didn't care, he just wanted to get away. No one understands how much the fact I have to move hurts me. So why let them watch me as I cry? He ran for what seemed like eternity until he couldn't take it anymore. He continued to walk in the pouring rain. Lightning and thunder boomed in the sky. As the rain poured harder then ever, Jesse decided on where he'd go. He walked slowly not wanting to rush the time he had. He arrived to the house that the one he cares most about lives, Emma.

Emma was possibly the most important person in his life, at least at that point. If there was one person he was going to tell it would be her. Emma was a somewhat short girl she was Caucasian and had green eyes and dirty blonde hair. Whenever he was upset or depressed she always found a way to make him smile or laugh, he honestly felt like he loved her, but how could he tell her? Emma was his closest friend. After asking to see Emma, her dad allowed him inside because he was soaked and didn't want his daughter like that as well. "Jesse, were you...crying?" Emma asked even though it was raining she could see redness in his eyes. Jesse quickly wiped them away, and tried to convince her it was rainwater, but to no avail. He explained what his parents said and she remained silent for a long time after he finished. She began to cry. "Emma...Why are you crying?" he asked. "Jesse it's just, you and I have become so close, so quick. Your one of my closest friends I've ever had and I like you. I mean, I like you more then just a best friend, but not as a brother, something else... I like you a lot, but now that you're moving...How am I supposed to feel? Happy? The boy I care for so much is leaving! Somehow, he never knew until now. They hadn't known each other for too long, only five to six months. But that was long enough for their feelings to develop for each other, and now it was to late to act upon. They hugged each other for what seemed like an eternity, for this was the last time they'd be able to.