(This chapter is not yet finished)

Jesse woke up early the next morning to a loud thud at his door. He slowly walked to the door and opened it. It was a man of about mid twenties. He entered the room without a word. The man quickly turned and began to aim a gun at Jesse. Jesse quickly intercepted his arms movement took the gun and hit joints in the gun removing all ammo and taking it apart. Jesse then grabbed the man and threw him out an open window. Well, didn't give me much time to be ready for the challenge, did he? Jesse figured the man probably showed up by himself so he took his time getting ready. All the weapons have been moved to his most common trench coat. After getting dressed he put on the trench coat and his hat and walked out of the hotel. Jesse decided to take a walk in the city to see if he could dig up any information. If I'm not wrong Emma's brother now lives in this city… He thought. As he walked around the city he found Emma's brother. Jesse walked slowly up to him, she saw him and recognized him immediately. "Je-" Jesse quickly cut him off. "Don't say my name, not right now, no time to explain why, just don't" he nodded silently.

After guiding her brother down an empty alley Jesse explained what was happening. Jesse waited patiently for him to process the information. "So…what you are saying is the guy challenged you at something, you've been trying to do ever since you last saw my family?" He asked. Jesse stood quiet for a few minutes in deep thought. Than he answered, "I've had a complicated past, not nearly as much drive has been put into finding Emma I will admit. My will to search for her hasn't been nearly what it used to be because of my age now. This challenge, it's given me a new drive, a new motivation to make me want to find her. This man, he told me she was still alive, and the fact I could still find her even after all these years. I have to find her. She told you what country she moved to, I need the name of that country." Jesse stated stern and quiet. "Japan." He replied. Jesse asked why she would move there. "She said you've always wanted to live there, so she went to find you, if I'm right she should still be there." Jesse thanked him and bid him farewell, promising to bring Emma back to see her family.

Jesse walked around the city until around 11 at night. He turned onto a street and as he walked down it he slowly began to realize that the street was completely empty, and was at a dead-end. He stopped and turned around to see three men walking straight towards him, no one else was around. Jesse stood waiting, the men circled around him. The biggest one spoke. "So, you're the old man that Ken asked us to find. Don't see why he sounded so urgent about it, you look pathetic." He spat in Jesse's face, which would be the last thing he would ever do. Jesse quickly grabbed his arm and flipped him over onto his back then wrapped him leg around his throat choking him. The other two charged him. One tackling with his head down got a blade from a gauntlet straight through the skull and fell dead. The other one tried a jump kick but was caught by the leg and slammed head first into the gravel, he lay lifeless with a crushed skull. Jesse quickly moved his leg that was holding the big man, snapping his neck, Jesse than stood around the three corpses. He searched their pockets and got pieces of paper from each of them. He quickly left the scene heading to a different hotel.

After Jesse rented a room, he quickly went to the phone. He called an old assassin he used to sometimes do missions with, Claude. He was a big man, with lots of muscle. His preferred style was a bit strange to Jesse, but it worked no less. He preferred to kill with his bare hands, and even sometimes bite them to death. Jesse gave a short explanation of the situation to him. "Well, seems to me the only reason you'd call, is to ask for a partner." Claude stated matter-of-factly.