I'm not pushing you away

I know that's how it seems

And I apologize

For how I am being,

I'm just how you say


I'm afraid that

After everything I've done

One mistake

And poof

You're gone.

So out of my fear

I do the opposite

Of what I mean.

Everything I'm doing

Every time I seem like

Im pushing you away

I want you to stay.

So very bad.

But I don't know

What if after a few more

Things unfold.

You walk away

What if you tell me

That you can't stand

To be around me anymore?

I'm afraid

I am so very sorry but

I am afraid.

Why shouldn't I be?

I've let you so close

I would break

If you just left

Out of the blue.

Then I think now

What if my doubts

About you staying

Makes you leave?

Then thinking you will leave

Causes the very thing

I don't want.

No matter what

I would do anything

To have you stay

Yet I am so afraid

Because what if

I finally think you will


And when I look up

With a fools grin

You are already gone?

My heart would break

In front of everyone

For all to see.

Please don't leave me.

Please don't abandon me

I can't doubt forever

Stay with me

With you I can get through it

But if you leave,

Then I had every right to doubt


Don't go

I don't want you to

I want you to care

Like you say you do

I want the love

That you say you possess

For me.

No matter what I do

Promise me

You won't go

No matter what I say

Swear you won't

Abandon me

Just don't go


I love you.