Earsplitting howls ripped through the silence of the night, the moon full, the world seeming so dark. The only light came from the large campfire in the woods, with three tents around it.

The fire was burning low, and the tents were ripped, torn, and covered in blood. Crying came from one of the tents, and a girl was lying flat on her back, her stomach ripped open, and a shadow hunched over her.

It wasn't supposed to happen. Everyone thought the rumors weren't true, just a myth. A legend. But tonight, the legend lives.

Ten friends were sitting around the parking lot of a Starbucks, each drinking a steaming cup. Two of them were smoking, and laughing as they blew the smoke into their girlfriends' faces.

"So we all good for this weekend?" One asked, flicking his cigarette into a puddle of water.

"Yeah. Meet up after and school, and head to the site." Another teen lit up a smoke, and took a long draw.

"I don't think it's a good idea. Wolf's Lair has a pretty nasty reputation." One of the girls said.

"Relax. The attack happened once, and they hunted the thing down afterwards."

"Or so the legend says. Ooooooh!" One of the smoking teens waved his fingers as he made the remark, laughing the whole time.

The boys all laughed. "A thing like that's not natural though. I mean, have you seen the pictures? The thing was huge!"

"Leave it to the chicks to get all worried about a legend. The pictures were fake, honey."

"They don't look fake. And I can't be the only one who's been hearing the howling lately."

"Next thing you know, she's gonna be saying the wolfman's following her home from work."

The beast almost seemed to be smiling as it licked the blood off of his fur, then the girl's skin, then it began to feed upon the corpses of her friends. All the while the girl was smiling, and staring at the face of her dead boyfriend. She had told him it wasn't just a legend, that the pictures were real.

"Everyone ready for a weekend in the Wolf's Lair? Did everyone bring their silver bullets?" All the teens laughed, except for the speaker's girlfriend.

"Alright, let's get the tents set up, and then the fire. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving like Marvin up in here! Let's get some burgers and hot dogs grillin'!"

"Amen there, brother!"

The boys began to pitch the tents, while the girls brought the coolers and firewood out from one of the trucks.

They sat around drinking and smoking for most of the night.

"Who want's to tell some ghost stories?" One teen asked, smirking.

"I know one. This is a legend told to me by my grandfather."

"What is it?"

The Beast of Wolf's Lair, he called it. Once upon a time, in a small town on the edge of the woods, there was a slaughter. A group of friends were camping the woods, very close to where the teens are now. The fire they had started had attracted the attention of an…unwanted visitor.

'Twas midnight, and the friends were drifting off to sleep, one by one. Only three of them were awake when it started. The beast struck one of the sleeping men first, ripping it in half. The creature was ten feet tall, at least. It stood on two legs, and had long, shaggy black hair all over it's body. It's eyes glowed bright red, and it's teeth were a sickening white. It had claws a foot long, sharp enough to slit a man's throat just by tapping it.

It ripped through the friends like nothing, until there was only one left. It never made a sound, while it moved, while it killed, never. Until the final man was left standing. The man charged the beast, knowing that he would never leave this place alive. The beast grabbed him mid stride, and brought him face to face. The beast seemed to smile as it ripped the poor man's throat out, and spat it onto the ground.

It raised it's head back, fur matted with blood, teeth covered in blood and gore, and….

Right as the teen was about to finish his story, a wolfish howl split the night, terrifying the teens.

"What was that?" One of the girls asked.

"A wolf. We're in the woods, girl." Another said.

"What the hell is that!?" Screamed the girlfriend of the storyteller.

A huge shadow crossed the clearing, at least ten feet tall, with long, shaggy black fur and claws a foot long. It's eyes glowed red as it approached, almost smiling.

It grabbed the nearest teen, and ripped him in half. He slashed at two more simultaneously, decapitating them.

The teen who told the tale pulled out a pistol, and emptied the clip into the creature. It didn't even flinch. That teen died next, his chest being ripped open, his rib cage flung across the clearing and into the woods. The creature swallowed his heart whole.

The thing tore through the rest of the teens, leaving the girlfriend of the storyteller on her back, her stomach ripped open, and the shadow of the beast hunched over her.

After it finished feasting, it leaned in close, and tore out her throat. But by some miracle, the girl was still breathing.

When the grizzly scene was discovered, and the cops arrived, only nine of the teens were present, and the tenth body a shriveled up old man, who wore clothes from an age past, with his throat torn out.

That night, a new Beast of Wolf's Lair hunted the woods.