Dear reader, before you read this I must warn you, once you read this you may be in danger. I you feel something stirring inside you stop reading immediately; you might be one of us. If you are… well try to live as normal of a life until they find you. I guess I need to explain who we are and who is after us. We have many names to some we are mutants and some have even called us superheroes, and occasionally aliens. We have these abilities that have caused the government to try and capture us. The government isn't the only ones who are after us, there are these monsters that I guess were created to kill us. So if you want to keep your life the way it is stop reading now. This is my story and it does not begin with once upon a time and it certainly doesn't end with happily ever after, it's how I lost everything close to me in a matter of weeks.


Cassie Robbins

Chapter 1

5 years ago… "Mom! Why do we have to move to some small town that isn't even on a map?" I demanded. "Cassie we have been over this, your Grandma Rosie needs us with her. And that is what family does." Mom replied. "Then why is he coming, all he is going to do is accuse Grandma of being a Satan worshipping witch!" I said. "Cassiopeia" (I know weird name Grandma came up with it) "Robbins, just because your father died a few years ago does not give you permission to insult John. He has done a lot for this family and we should be thankful for that." Mom said in a deadly calm voice. "How can you be so heartless? He was your husband! This act that you put on is a bunch of crap!" I was about to say more but Mom just had to start yelling. "Don't you talk to me in that tone! Now you are going to go upstairs and pack right now." "So you are just going to ignore me and pretend that this is one big happy family, well Mom it isn't!" I said as I ran up the stairs.

How can she just act like everything is fine? I thought. He is just a religion crazy bastard. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard my oh-so perfect sister Lacey. "How can you live in this room it's so dark, like really have you heard of any colors other than black and purple? She commented. And you should start to wear more color; I mean just wearing black, blue, and purple, talk about boring." "Well Lacey not all of us have to have ever color of the rainbow in our closet." I said without looking up. "Cassie you do know that mom is now crying in the kitchen, right?" Lacey said. Now I really didn't want to talk about it so I did what I do best, I ignored her. "Ok Cassie I know that you miss dad and you hate John, and I don't blame you for hating him I hate him too. I just deal with him for mom." Lacey said. "Yeah well Lacey you need to stop acting like you understand me because the only people who have ever understood me is dad and grandma, and dad is gone he has been gone for a while now!" I yelled starting to lose control. I felt like I had so much power, enough to explode and destroy everything in sight. I wanted to…. to just. It was Lacey's voice that brought me back. "Cassie? Are you okay? Lacey asked. C'mon Cass you can't lose control not now, remember what happened last time?" "Yeah I'm fine, I said shakily. Lacey made a face of disbelief. "Really Lacey I'm fine I just lost control." "You said that you had it under control Cassie! So how can you just lose control like that?" Lacey demanded. "I…. I know and I'm trying it's just my emotions carry me away sometimes." I sighed. We sat there in silence until Lacey asked, "Have you thought about talking to Grandma about it again, she is the one who told us about everything." "I know and I probably should, I replied. But I don't want her to worry and like what if I am one of them. It would change my whole life." "Look I know you want everything to stay the same, but that won't be able to happen." Lacey said. Again I decided to ignore her. "Cassie you do know that ignoring people isn't very nice, she said teasingly. Well Cassie I'm going to go pack and try not to lose control when John gets back, we don't need another incident like last time." And with that she left the room leaving me to my thoughts. Of course she had to mention the incident. It was a little after Dad had died…..

I was fourteen and I was sitting on a bench at the park, it was right after his funeral. And of course I had to run into the Thompson girls who were 16 and lived down the street. So to uphold there reputation of being the most annoyingly fake and rude people alive they had to come and talk to me. "Hey look who it is poor little Cassie, she just lost her dad." One of them said. "Yeah I heard it was a drunk driver from what mom and dad said." Replied the other." Well that proves that sometimes people are stupid," said the first. Those two looked so alike you could never tell them apart. "Why are you here?" I asked. They faked shock. "Really Cassie you just lost your dad we are just here to say that we are sorry for your loss." Said the first. "Ok well would you mine just leaving because we all know that neither of you are sorry you are just trying to get to me." I said. "Oh so what are you little miss perfect?" Said the other. "JUST GET AWAY FROM ME!" I yelled. That is when it happened. I felt so much power coursing through my veins. I heard the roar of the wind around me; the Thompson girls had a look of fear on their faces. A park bench flew by and trash flew everywhere. It started to pour down rain and I saw lighting strike the ground. As they ran away I started to calm down. Then I saw the damage that I did. Wreckage was everywhere. Trashcans, benches, and water fountains looked as if they were thrown across the park. Trees had either been electrocuted or had fallen. And there was still a storm brewing so I ran home.

Okay so this is my very first story so please give me feedback I need to know if this any good.