It was a Saturday in July. My mom and I were cashing a check that I had gotten for my birthday. I was looking around the room while my mom did some paper work when all of a sudden, I heard loud cracks. I had just enough time to grab the people close to me and drag them to the floor before before we got shot. I dragged my mom and another woman .I asked if they were ok. My mom was ok, but the other woman was hyperventilating I hugged her and asked what was wrong. she said she was pregnant I look around to see if one the robbers dresses as skiers were close to help, but I decided not to. The lady didn't look older that 30. I learned that her name was Lauren was married to a person named Joshua, and is the mother of an unborn child. after a couple more when she looked like she was calm, I focused on her face. She had straight brown hair the color of Nutella and eyes the color of cyan. She was wearing little to no make-up, and I can see why. Her face was flawless. No acne marks, no scars, and no freckles. She was of the robbers noticed that we were talking and I'm guessing noticed the flawless face of my new friend as well. The mysterious man grabbed her her arm, and yelled to me "Do you want her to die?! If you don't, then shut the heck up!" He threw her to me and I caught her. She was shaking like a little dog so I sang to her in a whispered voice, "Just close your eyes, the sun is going down,you'll be alright,no one can hurt you now,come morning light,you and I'll be safe and sound..." She stopped crying and so did everyone else who heard me. When I looked up, i saw that every robber had gone to the back room to get the money. I took a risk that could have gotten anyone killed in the room. I took out my phone hid it behind Lauren's back. I texted my friend Shanise. "S.O.S. theft if progress. First National Bank. 104th street. HELP" I sent her. It took about 15 minutes for the police to get to the bank. That's when I knew Shanise saved us from the monsters that threatened us. They sent in the SWAT team to kill the robbers. when that was done, we all got to go outside. We were all free. Even to this day I owe Shanise my life. and it wouldn't even take a blink to get in front of a bullet for her. Thanks Shanise.