They say the heart wants what the heart wants. Well, somethings you want, you can't have. And it sucks. He broke her heart, but she still loves him. She will always love him. What about him though? Does he love her back? She may never know. With his dark brown hair and eyes the color of sky blue outlined with navy. He is an little bit of Heaven with a wild side. He can make you laugh when you are at your saddest time. When you are mad, he will make you grin from ear to ear. when he is being a complete back side of a donkey, you would want to slap him. But, you have to forgive him. he will do ANYTHING to get you to forgive him, even make himself look dumb in front of all his friends. He says all the right thing at the times you mostly need them. Behind the ferosious bulldog, is a inocent new born human. He is sweet, respectful, gentle, and hillarious. When he is talking to you, he makes you feel so special. He is the most AMAZING person in the world. When ever she says his name, she smiles and gets butterflies in her her, he is like a drug. No matter how much she tries to forget, he always creeps in her mind. She doesn't care that she is the exact opposite of him. She would do anything to save him. She loves him. Forever and Always.