You know that feeling you get when you are so scared you're about to collapse? I'm feeling that right now. Adrenaline fear of getting caught, and in my case, dying. For instance, right now I'm running through the forest trying to get away from them. Draki. Half human. Half dragon. A Prue's worst fear. Whats a Prue you ask? It's me. Half human and half bird. I was walking through the forest on a beautiful day like this, when all of a sudden I was circled a Pride of Draki. Out of fear I manifested. I let my wings unfold and flew upward. Knowing they couldn't be much farther in the air than me, I flew straight as fast as I could. When I could hear them, I flew downwards at an angle. I started to sprint towards my safe haven. Draki are extremely fast runners. But since I have bigger lungs and my bones are thinner and lighter, I'm faster. I could hear my predators not far behind me. It was like a game of cat and mouse. Then I found a Draki's worst fear. A blade. When a Draki is cut they lose their presious blood. Their blood is their life. Their hearts don't make much blood so if the lose too much they will die. I skirted towards the blade, picked it up, and turned towards the Pride. Now I got a good look at them. The tallest Draki was probably 8 feet or so and the shortest was about 6 feet tall. Their skin varied to a dark brown to a very nice green color. As I studied their faces, I could see fear in their eyes. When I calmed down enough to breathe like a human, I folded up my wings. I looked at the blade, I made it grow longer and sharper. Every Prue has a power. Some are Peaceful with Mother Nature. Others are at one with the weather demi-gods. While some, like me, can make metal grow. My power is the rarest. I heard them whisper to each other and heard, "What is she going to do now?" I focused on that voice until I found its owner. A Draki that was about seven feet tall. I could tell by its voice it was a she. Her skin was a nice lavender color. I met eyes with I'm guessing the leader of the Pride. He nodded to me and I nodded back. He spoke in dragonic, dragon language. He turned into human and so did his followers. I recognize a couple of people from mu school. And then I see her. Neveah. My best friend. I could tell she is avoiding eye contact with me. Ishnosh, the leader tells I've never known about her and starts to grab my arm. But out of rage, I unfold my wings and fly upwards. I heard Nevaeh yell my name, but I don't go back down there. I look behind me and see her flying towards me. I shake my head in disbelief and fly as fast as I could to get away from her. Next day at school she is standing by my locker. As soon as I see her I turn around and pray she didn't see me. She did. I hear her running to get to me. She does, but i put in my headphones and blare the music. She yanked them out and dragged me out of the school. "I wanted to tell you! I really did! But Ididn't know how to!" Then from behind her a cute boy wraps his arms around her and kisses her. It's her boyfriend. Devin. I look at her in a specific way and she nods. He's in her Pride to. His face gets serious and before I can run, grabs my arm with such force, i yelp with pain. He looks like Ishnosh. Then I make the connection. He is his son. I yank my arm from his grasp and sprint. Making sure no one is around, I fly to the roof of the school. Devin, Follows me. When he gets on the roof he looks at me with caring eyes. "You are confused I see. Kasidi, Nevaeh didn't tell you because she would get in trouble with my father." I shake my head and laugh at him. "She didn't tell me because she would think I'd call her a freak!" "Which she is a freak Devin! You, her, your dad, me! You and Neveah are my ENEMIES! You should HATE me! I should hate you.. Speaking of that, why aren't you trying to kill me now? I discovered what you are! You should want to kidnap me and take me to your father!" My phone vibrates in my back pocket and I look at who texted me. It's Nevaeh and she wants to talk to me. I decline the call and look disappointed at Devin. "Give us a week. I promise my family and Pride will show you we only want peace with your kind." "Fine. But only a week Devin."