Just a short little fluffy fun piece

He had had it all planned out, everything, down to the last minute detail had been carefully and meticulously plotted out. He had booked the restaurant months in advance, he had notified the staff of said restaurant at the time of reservation of his plans and they had assured him, all would be taken care of on their end; he had called again just last week and last night to remind them and make sure nothing was forgotten. He had picked out the ring around the same time from a top notch custom jeweler and he had picked up the ring just last month. He had hired an expensive limo service, the best in the city, for the occasion, again, months before the engagement. He had picked out his best suit, and tie and had sent his shoes out to be cleaned and polished.

He had called the florist far ahead of time, to put in an order for a bouquet of all her favorite flowers, which he retrieved that very morning. He had gone to the barber's the morning of, for a good shave and hoping against hope that by some act of God his messy hair could be cut, snipped, or shaved into some semblance of order. He had written, memorized and recited his proposal speech in front of his bedroom mirror more times than he could count and at least once in front of his brother, okay, maybe twice, well, probably more than that as well but definitely not more than five times.

He had made the customary visit to the father just two weeks prior and gotten his blessing. He had managed to finagle one out of her younger male sibling, and had had one basically thrown at him before he could even open his mouth from her son. He had informed his own parents and brother that yes, she was the one, yes he was sure and yes he was going to pop the question at this date and this exact time, oh and yes mother, he did have it planned out, no, he did not need advice, it was all taken care of and why yes he would like a cookie, thank you.

With all this in mind, later that night, it was with a very world weary expression that he plopped himself down to sit on the curb next to his girlfriend in a not quite the right side of the tracks neighborhood, having never actually made it to the restaurant, the black and very dented bulk of the expensive limo, hood up and steam rising from the exposed engine in a thick white cloud, with the driver nowhere to be seen, having taken off for parts unknown earlier that evening, parked only a few feet from them, missing a tire and two hub-caps. As the smoke from the growing fire in the building behind them started to saturate the air along with various fire alarms, he reached into his coat pocket, pulled out the now stained velvet box, and with a rueful smile presented it to his companion. She looked from the box to him for several seconds. Finally, she picked up the box and slowly opened it.

"Well, ten points for trying." She said, handing him back the empty jewelry box. "And you went to Jarrod's too." He shook his head.

"I had this entire evening all planned out. I just want you to know that. Before we actually went anywhere, I had everything under control and I had a plan." She smiled, lacing her fingers together on her knees.

"What happened to the plan?"

"It encountered the enemy."

"What happened to the ring?"

"Stolen." He said squinting at the run-down buildings across the street.

"By the guy at the?" She trailed off.

"Yeah." This time he reached into his pants' pocket. "Which is why I picked this up when we ran by that arcade." He pulled a clear plastic capsule with a bright a red bottom, out and handed it to her. "Will you marry me?" He asked without much preamble, still staring resolutely at the building opposite from where they sat. She smiled, tears misting her eyes as she cracked open the container and the cheap plastic ring spilled out on her palm.

"How could I not?" She whispered as she held the small trinket up for inspection.

And so it was, that as the sirens of fire engines, squad cars and at least one ambulance filled the air and just as the clouds started pouring down rain as the weathermen had been predicting all day and night for the last three days at least, Connor slipped a toy ring, that had come from a vending machine and cost exactly fifty cents, onto the finger of his new fiancée, Bride-to-be, future wife and spouse, Tess.