Somewhere between
intention and deflection,
therein lies
the deepest affection.

And I wonder where
love draws the line
between those feelings,
yours and mine.

Are the words whispered
said merely in jest
or is their intention
the truth, at best?

It's hard to decipher
what it must mean
when the words within context
appear to be lean.

The feelings bubble
just underneath
the surface of us
and behind clenched teeth.

They slip out the mouth,
not nearly unnoticed,
and I'm unsure if
you want me to know this.

And sometimes I wonder
if it's like bait,
to be heard in return,
or if it can wait.

That's not to say
the feelings aren't there,
but it's best to be sure
it's something you share,

before all the cards
are out on the table.
I don't want to give
more than you're able.

And some may say
I'm being absurd
all just because
of one silly word.

Devin Liotta