I woke up yet again to the dark dank hole that I call my home. I brushed my teeth and got dressed in my robes for today's morning prayer. Looking at myself in the dingy mirror in what little light my family could manage to get working underground,

that's what my life is, prayers, work and never seeing the sun. my family comes from a long line of people who have cast out the modern life in Egypt and kept to the ways of the old religion so we were cast underground to avoid the temptations of the world. My family is among the "elite chosen" who get to guard the tombs of the phero's or at least the ones people haven't dug up yet, I hate my life here, little does my family know but i've snuck onto the surface loads of time since I was a child and my only dream is to get out of this place and to live the life i've always wanted.

I have plenty of time till morning prayers so I reach under my bed to grab my box of treasures.

I have loads of books and i've even managed to sneak in an old Cd player and some Cd's i've con-ed off of tourists. Most of the songs ive heard are in English but vie also found people who have given me Korean and Japanese music, by now ive listened to so many I learned the languages but of all the kinds of music nothing speaks to me like that of American punk-rock its just something about the rebellion and the freedom from what you're supposed to do that I love. One day I just want to leave this place and never come back. But that will never happen. I'm far too much of a coward to do so.

I let out a heavy sigh and pushed my things back under my bed leaning against it and reaming of a future that might never come.

"Romere! Wake up its time for morning prayer!" I heard my mother shout from a distance

"on my way!"

I'm 22 years old but the thought of running away scares me like I'm a small child still. Im so pitiful maybe one day i'll work up the courage to leave this life.

The day went on like normal monotonous repeating of prayer work and meals just as every day of my life. I allowed my mind to wander back to my 12th birthday my father had told me that it was the day I would become a man an inherit the family duty. I was so exited for the ceremony I was told I would have.

How foolish

had I known then what exactly the "ceremony" would entail I would have run away right then and never looked back.

That night my father took me into the great large room usually used for evening prayers and it was dark only lit by candles spread across the room and in the center was a long table covered by a white cloth, as I was lead closer I noticed the cloth was stained with blood and I was frightened but when I turned to run away my father caught me and looked at me sternly

"Romere, my son, you mus embark on this journey to continue our work until you have a son and bring him here on his 12th birthday

just then two of large men in robes grabbed me and layed me on my stomach on the table and before I could register what was happening I felt a blinding white hot pain on my back

"today is the day you get the mark of our people the binding contract that you will serve our gods until the day in which you perish" my father was calm while saying this, I was screaming in agony and he sounded almost cheerful at my pain.

I was shaken out of my day dream by the sound of everyone getting up from prayers. I needed to get a hold of myself so I quickly rushed to a bathroom and washed my face and looked at the mirror

my hair black, and neatly tucked behind my ears, I always made sure to brush it so my father wouldnt notice that I had it cut so if in a pinch I could style it into any crazy stile I wanted. If he were to figure out all the secrets ive been keeping his wrath would be nothing compared to my 12th birthday, he did that out of love. Imagine him angry.

I lifted my robes and turned around so I could somewhat see my back. Scrawled in dark black ink hieroglyphics covered my entire back it was my family's oath the promise to serve until the day I died.


My head suddenly whipped around and I hear more and more crashing sounds I began running towards the commotion when I found it coming from my own room I knew exactly what was happening.

My father had discovered my secrets.

I walked into my disheveled room. To find my books ton and my Cd's broken and my father staring at me

"What is this blasphemy?"
"It's not blasphemy! It called music , and reading!"

this is my chance. This is when I get out

"I wont be tainting you home for much longer I'm leaving and going to live on the surface with everyone else in the world" just as I began to storm off I heard my father whisper something I couldn't quite hear

and my back felt like it was on fire,

I collapsed on my knee's then my eyes started to feel like they were being burned from my skull

my screams brought almost all of our colony to my room.

Just as soon as it started the pain was over. I shot up and ran for my closet I kicked up the loose plank on the floor and pulled out all of my punk clothes and what money I had managed to swindle off of people on my excursions outside

I put it all in a bag and left my door and whenever I looked at someone from my colony they recoiled in horror surely because of me leaving.

I climbed the makeshift stairs to the surface I had scaled many times throughout my life.

The sun was brightly shining, and few people were around, I took in a deep breath of the fresh air and made my journey. Where I was going I have no idea but as long as I keep moving forward I have nothing to loose.

As I started to get into the more populated area's I noticed people would turn away from me and mothers would grab their children and hide them when I got near. It was strange. Then I heard a small child.

" mommy, whats wrong with that man's eyes?"

"shh honey don't stare!"

my eyes? But my eyes are just brown there's nothing wrong or weird about that right?

I rushed to the nearest tourist building, a store I used to frequent on my many adventures to the outside world. I went to greet the cashier whom ive grown to know but instead of a greeting he took one look at me and pretended to be busy so he wouldn't have to speak to me.

I rushed to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

And what I saw I couldn't believe.

that's what had happened when my father whispered

my eyes were no longer brown,but a bright yellow and what used to be the whites of my eyes had turned the darkest shade of black I had ever seen.

He marked me.

He made sure if I was to be an outcast in our society, that I am to be an outcast in theirs too.

I broke down and cried.

All I wanted was a normal life, and now I can't have that, why must my father be so cruel?

I have to keep going though. I'm not going back underground. I'm going to live my life and nothing can stop me.

I got dressed in my favorite outfit. Now that I don't have to be underground I don't have to hide who I really am. I got my plaid pants with chains my pink tank top and my leather jacket that I spent months customizing with patches and spikes so it was perfect for me. And after putting on my boots I took my prayer robes and threw them in the trash.

Im not staying here. I'm going to travel and see the world.

So I gathered my stuff and headed out in search of the nearest airport I could find.