Our bodies to hand with the Jersey shoreline

And we both lay entwined, stared at the night

I shivered. The sun was beginning to set, and pinkish-gold clouds streaked the sky above us. I moved a little closer to Jon, goosebumps covering my arms and legs.
Jon abruptly sat up. "Let's tube. The sun's going down, we don't have much time before it gets too cold."

Clouds overhead, but that was all right

The river was cool and silky against my legs as we waded out into the current. I squeaked as I tripped over a slimy rock, and thrilled as Jon caught me.
"Hey, you okay? Watch those rocks, they're slippery."
I nodded, didn't speak, knowing my voice would come out choked with tears and laughter and strangeness.

'Cause then and there with the wind in your hair, Heaven was jealous to merely look fair against you

I watched the way the wind ruffled his hair, twisting the chestnut coloured waves in it here and there, silky bright as the sun flashed against it.
So perfect, so wonderful, and there was no way I could ever plumb his depths emotionally, be there for him when he hurt- was baring my soul, telling him how much I loved him- would it bring rejection or a calm nod and a murmur of, "I knew that."
I had heard him say it before.

And all I need now is for this moon to keep light in its desolate skyline for good

THe moon was rising, and the dim, translucent full moon above us seemed like a promise-no matter what, this evening would be perfect, without Lauren, without interferences.
The current pushed my inner tube against Jon's, and together we watched the long, blazing midsummer sunset make its way into the night.

'Cause these are the nights that you know when you're there

Later that night, when our 'tubes lay abandoned on the shore, and the red glow of the campfire lit the beach, we swam.
All of us, Jon's brother, my sister, me and him. There was a brilliant full moon over head, turning the water to glossy white silk, and changing us to mermaids and dolphins, leaping and diving like nymphs in a fit of midsummer madness.
You couldn't have planned it much better I swear and you hope
That your senses aren't failing you now

I felt myself pulled upward, and and saw Jon's face close enough to mine to make my heart beat fast, and pointing out a pair of does with their fawns, come to drink from the river, and obviously scandalized at our antics.
I shook my head.
So surreally impossible, yet it's real, this night.
And you think to yourself now I could be wrong
But I might have just stolen this scene from a song and you know
That your senses aren't failing you now, but they're slipping away

Like a song.
I let myself drift to the bottom of the river, swaying my body to the drums of time, knowing it was impossible to know the future, yet somehow hoping I did.

And the moon shone overhead like an allseeing eye