Hi! This is one of the stories I had

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Anyways, this is the prologue for Hidden Within and I promise to post the next chapters

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I firmly clutched the metallic handle of my suitcase as I set foot on the path to the new house that my family moved into, I despised moving... And it was no different when Dad announced it just two months earlier. During the drive here, Mom just told me to think positive and see the brighter side of things then began rambling on about things that she thought was good about our new home out in the forests of Montana.

And though Mom listed the most absurd things I would never give a care about, I had to agree with being close to the woods and having a housekeeper since this place was at least double the size of our old residence in a suburban area back in New York City. When I reached the porch steps of our new home, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the presentation and alluring atmosphere that this place emits, in fact, I'm actually quite pleased by the look of things so I guess this wasn't as deplorable as I thought it would be...

My sister Blair walked over to the porch as well, giving a dirty look at the display of the house and the thick blanket of trees that spread around it. Blair has never really been a fan of camping or the great outdoors so that was her excuse if I ever asked her about the reactions, that or she dearly misses her best friend; Ceecee from school.

"I seriously can't believe Mom and Dad decided to buy a house out here" she scoffed and put down the burdening weight of the box she was carrying on the floor.

"It's not too ghastly... At least we have neighbors" I said, gesturing to the houses across the street.

"Yeah" Blair snorted "Probably lumberjacks and camping freaks". She fished the house keys out of her pocket and put it in the keyhole, turning it then opening the door as she pushed the beaten box inside.

"Careful with those, that has Mom's glass bird figurine collection in it" I warned.

"Yeah, yeah, why are you always such a worry-wart Gwen?"

Blair picked up the box from the floor and carried it to the living room. I sighed... Blair and I were so different, from our looks to the food we like to eat, it's a surprise how we keep our close sisterly friendship together instead of it crumbling to thousands of shattered hopes and dreams.

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