Here is the next part! Hope you all like it. I had some fun here since I friend of mine gave me the idea from a manga they showed me once X3 Hope you like it!

Characters: Makiko Huratana, Takeru Akumatsu, and others.

Warnings: For sexual themes and suggestions.

~Chapter Two: Daydreaming~

"Here you go, Buzz."

The kitten mewed happily, gobbling up the warm and moist cat food Takeru left for him in a green food bowl, his pipe cleaner-like tail swishing back and forth. Grinning a bit, Takeru stood up and walked over to the stove and grabbing a pot of coffee cooling by the stove and pouring himself a cup. With his sock-clad feet almost gliding on the smooth kitchen floor, he walked into his living room and sat on the couch, sitting back.

It had been a week since he decided to adopt Buzz, the kitten he had recused from the river. It had also been a week since he and Makiko shared their first kiss. His face grew hot at the thought, her soft lips almost making him grow feverish. He knew she would be shy and innocent, considering that the only relationship she had was that engaged one with that fiancé her parents almost got her ages ago.

But Takeru didn't want to think about him at that moment. He wasn't that close with the red-haired, blue-eyed college man, Nicholas, that was going to marry Makiko months before. Even when wedding arrangements were cut off due to Makiko wanting to go to college herself, Takeru didn't want to be acquainted with Nicholas. The man was well and full-hearty, yes, but the sting of Makiko being married off to him was just too much.

"I shouldn't be thinking about stuff," He said to himself, taking a sip of his coffee. Buzz patted into the room and leapt to his lap, circling and resting himself with his ears flatten against his head. Smiling, Takeru scratched the tiny cat behind the ears, noticing the kitten was looking healthy as ever. Bald patches were being filled with white and black tuffs of fur and his eyes looked a more lively yellow, a the kitten a little fat from all the milk and food Takeru got him. "Good. This means you're getting better." Takeru nodded and petted the kitten again, getting a mewl in response.

His phone suddenly vibrated in his pocket. Reaching for it, he pulled out the small device, blinking as he saw it was a message with a photo attached. It was from one of his and Makiko's friends, Eri Haneda. He couldn't help but grimaced. Eri was a good friend. Nice and hard-working in every way. However, the older girl could be very bossy and controlling, too. She had been the first to suspect when Takeru and Makiko would get together. Now, the girl was on a war rampage to give Makiko all sorts of advice for their relationship. Takeru wouldn't be too surprised if Eri tried to give Makiko a copy of the Kama Sutra.

He groaned, both embarrassed and aroused by the thought, and he decided to get the picture over with. Whatever Eri had sent him, it couldn't be that wrong, right?

Oh, how wrong he was when he checked the picture.

"And now! To this store!"

"E-Eri-san! This'll be the tenth one we shopped at!"

"I know! And it'll be the best and last!"

Makiko sighed, following the hyper-active sport-scholarship student with a several shopping bags in hand, worrying about the next store they would visit. So far, she was glad things didn't went to the extreme. Eri had taken her out to the mall this morning, dragging her to various stores to try on dresses and outfits of all sorts. The black-haired student herself said that Makiko needed something that would spark her potential boyfriend's interest.

'My . . . My boyfriend. Yes, Takeru is my boyfriend now, isn't he?' Her thoughts turned into mush whenever she thought about Takeru. Any thought of him now made her heart go a flutter. How he treated her, talked with her, listened when she had to say something. With her family, she hardly had anyone like that. Even though she had her brothers and her half-cousin with similar qualities, they just weren't Takeru. 'And I feel much more closer to Takeru, too. And when he looks at me . . .' She shivered, remembering how his crimson-irises smoldered after they kissed. At that time, Makiko felt like she was the only girl that matter to him.

"Alright, this way, this way!"

Makiko shook her head and allowed herself to be pulled into the next store, her pale cheeks flushing when she saw the colorful costumes.

"A-A cosplay store?!" She squeaked.

"Yeah!" Eri beamed with a mischievous glint in her eyes. "There are a lot of good outfits! Ooooh! Look at that one! You should take it!"

Makiko gulped, shaking her head at the red and white short dress with a short skirt, sweet-heard neckline, and Devil thorns.

"N-No thank you."

"Awww," Eri pouted before sighing. "Well, I guess you're sort of right, Makiko-san. I mean, Takeru-san might like it since it shows off your legs, but maybe it's too gaudy with the sparkling tail and heels." Humming, the older student peered around the different items before squealing and rushing to a section, bringing back what looked like a pile of black and white ruffles. "Here! This one! Change into it while I find some accessories to go with it!"


But Eri was already a dust cloud in the sea of costumes and colors, leaving Makiko to sigh and hang her head.

"M-Might as well try . . . this." She tried to make it sound not so bad, though with every piece of ruffle and mesh she held, her doubts were holding her back. Walking to one of the changing rooms, she locked the door to the small cubicle behind her and undressed, muttering to herself at the complicated laces on the back of it and at the puffy skirt as well.


"Third changing room, Eri-san."

A pair of feet walked over to her room and then came a knock, Makiko unlocking it and allowing Eri in. The older girl was grinning.

"I was right!" She giggled, walking behind Makiko, placing down the items she had, and going to work with loose laces. "This will look really cute on you, Makiko-san! Once we get this stuff I bought for you, Takeru-san won't be able to keep his hands off you!"

"Th-That's a good thing?!" Makiko squeaked, yelping at a tightly tugged knot.

"No, duh! Makiko-san, haven't you two done anything else besides kissing? I mean, it's nice, but it's good to move along with something else, too." Eri stated, helping Makiko step into some shoes she bought along.

"Eri-san, have you done anything else than kissing with Seiji-san?" Inquired the brunette, curious.

"Let's just say," Eri gave a giggle and a wink. "He's not as dull as he looks."

Fearing her cheeks would pop from all the blood rushing to her cheeks, Makiko hid her face, not noticing the small belt, little head piece, and various things Eri attached to her person.

"There!" Eri pulled the door open and spun around once, smiling at Makiko. "I knew it! You look absolutely cute, Makiko-san! Let me take a quick picture for you!" Dragging the half-protesting girl out of the room, she made her sat squat on the floor and whipped out her phone, smiling at the site. "Say "Welcome, master!""

"Eri-san, w-wait-!"

The phone blinked, and the photo was sent.

Takeru's phone clattered on the floor. Buzz pawed at him, purring in confusion at the odd expression his owner had. Gulping the dryness in his throat, Takeru reached and picked up his phone again. He blushed at the image, eyes almost bulging out of his head.

He stared at the most adorable maid he ever saw in his life. Her corset was black and tied with white bows, a cream-colored apron tied around her and reaching her short skirt, the lace ruffling around her thighs. Her sleeves were styled off-shouldered, puffed around the tops of her arms, and only leaving her fingers and thumbs peeking through the fabric. With her knees behind her, she sat like a women in service, her hands in front of her, pushing her breasts forward. Her black knee-socks matched with her black heels, and the white and laced headband crowned the top of her head.

All blood in his body rushed south, and his skin grew hot and warm, his pants growing exceeding tight.

"Makiko . . . She . . . Just-Just, what . . ." He choked on his own words, gulping at how sensual Makiko looked. Never had he thought Makiko would expose so much of her snow-white skin, almost looking like a sexy and needy maid.

Below the caption, he harden at the words, as if Makiko whispered them herself.

How shall I service you, Takeru-sama? ;)

He laid back on the couch, groaning and closing his eyes. He couldn't get the image out of his head. Makiko was cute before, but this picture just made her look so wanton and seductive. Every thought in how she could service him made his groan aloud and toss on the couch.

How shall I service you, Takeru-sama?


Opening his eyes, he jumped and sat up as Makiko smiled up at him, still dressed in the same outfit from the picture, kneeling in the same position.

"M-Makiko?!" He asked, bewilder that she suddenly appeared into his home without a sound. His eyes drew onto every part of her, catching a bit of a white garter belt around her right thigh. There were so many ruffles and lace, so soft and adorable.

"Takeru-sama, are you well?" Tilting her head, her red-brown hair fell in the direction she tilted, lips pursed into a pout. "Why do you look red?" She asked innocently.

"I-It's . . . Makiko, what are you . . . How did you . . ." Takeru was at a loss for words, suddenly finding it hard to breath.

"Takeru-sama, let me see," Makiko stood and bent over to him, resting her hand on his forehead, "You feel so warm. And your face is so red . . . Wait, Takeru-sama," The brunette bit her lip and leaned closer. "Do . . . Do you want me, Takeru-sama?" She whispered, cheeks pink and eyes drawn with lust.

"I . . . Makiko, wait a second-"

"Such non-formalities," Makiko shivered and crawled on top of him, making a small whimper as she rubbed her thighs onto the flustered man's lap, crying out heatedly. "Takeru-sama, it makes me so . . . So hot. I . . . It makes me want you so much, my master. Please," She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning until her chest pressed to his own and she sighed again. "Take me, Takeru-sama." She begged, kissing Takeru's and rubbing onto him.

Surprised, Takeru took a hold of her waist, wanting to push her away and stop before things could escalate. A small hand reached and stroked his head, tugging his head closer, Makiko whimpering in need as her other hand pressed and rubbed on his chest. Moaning in bliss, Takeru grabbed Makiko's leg and hitched it to his hip, kissing her back fiercely. A mewl came from Makiko, and Takeru brought the other leg over, Makiko crying out and Takeru turning the kiss deeper. He could taste an impossibly sweet taste on his tongue, soft lips messaging with his own and soft hands caressing his face.

He wanted more.

His hands traveled to his young maid's thighs, rubbing the soft skin before traveling high and higher. Makiko bounced on his lap, rubbing his straining need, and making the both of them fall further onto the couch.

"Takeru-sama," Makiko pulled away and panted, lips swollen and red and eyes moist with want. She tugged impatiently at his T-shirt, Takeru helping her in a half-dazed state as the shirt was pulled off. Scarred chest finally shown, the young girl traced every scar and faded wound on his dark skin, looking more mesmerized than the first time she saw his scars. She bent forward and kissed a scar, causing Takeru to jump and grunt. Satisfied with the sound, she kissed and traced every scar she could reach, paying attention to all of the battle wounds and mewing at the taste of his skin.

"M-Makiko," Takeru huffed and groaned at every kiss she made, rolling his eyes to the back of his skull when she kissed and suckled on a scar near his abdominals. His hands drew circles on the knots on her back, one insistently tugging at the one strand that would undo the whole corset.

"Would . . . Would Taker-sama like to see . . . All of me?" Makiko asked with a small whine of need.

"Y . . . Yeah." Takeru couldn't keep his eyes off her as she guided his hands to the lace and made his fingers tug it off, the top of the outfit dropping forth. Lovely, soft pale skin was shown to him, a smooth and soft stomach, and a black and strapless bra covering the rest of the elegant view. The small hands reached on their own this time, and the bra fell to the floor.

"Takeru-sama-" Makiko was pulled to him, smothered into a passionate kiss and breasts covered by large and calloused hands. She whimpered, tossing her head back as she fell back with her master, her chest rubbed and felt at. Takeru touched at the smooth flesh, growling and pulling back, only to dive forward and kiss and nip at Makiko's neck, tasting her unblemished skin. Down he traveled, lapping at both her breasts, the maid under him whimpering and crying out for more.

"T-Takeru-s-sama . . . M-More! Please, please!" She cried wantonly, her legs wrapping above his hips and pushing Takeru back with surprising strength. "M . . . Milk . . ."

"Milk?" Even in his lust-driven state, Takeru was confused by the please.

"Milk . . . Takeru-sama, milk," Crawling down his body, trailing kisses as she went, she unsnapped the buttons to his pants, pulling down the zipper. Her hand rubbed against the hard bulge in his boxers, Takeru groaning in pleasure. "I . . . I want Takeru-sama's . . ." Whimpering, she drew his boxers down and lapped at his hard shaft, a strangled sound tearing from her love's throat.

"M-Makiko! So . . . So good!" He groaned, his stomach coiling with every lap and suckle delivered down there. Again and again was he taken into a warm heat, a deep groan taken from him as he was sucked at. "M-Makiko, Makiko, I-I'll-" Makiko released him and kissed him again, falling forward and the both of them sharing a warm and arousing embrace.

"Takeru-sama, please," Makiko's hands raked down his muscular back before they went to her own skirt, lifting it and kicking off her shoes and knee-socks, the last cotton material there rolling over Takeru's growing want. "T-Take me, master," She dropped kisses on his face and neck, nibbling at his pulse point. "Please, maaahhh. . ."

Sinking into his carnal desire and ecstasy, Takeru pulled her closer and rolled his hips, his straining groin rubbing with the soft garment. It was slow and sensual, making the both of them breath in labor and become hot and warm. Takeru leaned forward and kissed at Makiko's neck, fingers brushing over her breasts and stomach.

"Ah! Ahhh . . . Ahhhh . . ." Whimpered his maid, her hands landing to his head and gently pushing him to feel at her sensitive swells more. "More . . . Touch me more . . . Do what-whatever you want to me . . . ah, an-haa!" She cried out when her master bit lightly onto her skin, smoothing the red area with his tongue in apology.

"M . . . Master, haaan! T-Takeru-sam- Nyaaaaaa!"

Something wrapped around his hand, warm and soft as a hand, but with a cushioned feel. Takeru lifted his head and blinked at the flickering calico ears on Makiko's head, a matching tail around his wrists.

"M-Makiko?" He gasped, amazed as the twitching and furry ears quirked. Where did those come from?

"M-Master!" All thoughts of the ears and tail were pulled out of him when Makiko began to gyrate her hips to his bare ones, stirring him back into a heavenly warmth. Bracing his hands onto her hips, Takeru pulled her closer, his lips close to Makiko's as an animalistic growl rose from him.

"M-Makiko, I . . . I'm going to . . ."

"Please! Please!" Begged the cat-eared maid, throwing her head back and purring. Takeru pounced on her and kissed her with abandonment, thrusting his hips until the building heat inside him was ready to let out. Throwing out all he had, he rolled and rubbed his hard need to her bare thighs, groaning, about to burst.

"M-Master! Takeru! Takeru! Ah, ah-ah-ah! Maaaaahhh!"

"M-Makiko! Makiko, ugh . . . Hah-haaa, ha-ha-"

"OWCH!" He yelled sharply, holding his arm and groaning as he fell to the ground with a not-too soft landing. Above him, Buzz swiped his paw in the air, hissing with his tail fluffed angrily.

"Buzz, what I do?" Takeru asked, the tail and paw swished in his direction again. "What . . . Wait, did I sit on your tail or something?" He asked, the kitten landing on his stomach and giving an obvious look. "Ah, I'll take that as a yes. Sorry." He apologized, petting the soft head. Purring happily, the black and white cat jumped off him and sniffed the air, mewling and batting at him again.

"Huh?" He sat up straighter and froze. Groaning he slapped his forehead and shook his head. "I . . . I can't believe I just got off a dream . . . A very good dream . . ." Turning red at the heated moments from that dream, he stood to get himself cleaned up and changed. His phone shook on the floor and he picked it up, the item still shaking with a waiting call and the caller ID flashing with Makiko's name. Flinching, he answered it uneasily.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Takeru, hello. I hope I'm not bothering you."

He sighed, almost relieved to hear that Makiko's voice wasn't lustful and devious like in his dream.

"No, you're not , Makiko," He smiled, glad that he was use to calling her by her first name so openly. "What's up?"

"I . . . I'd like to apologize for that photo Eri-san sent," The older college student wondered if her face was turning as red as his was now. "She caught me off guard and I know that photo must have been indecent-"

"N-No worries, Makiko! It's fine, really," Replied Takeru. "We both know how she is, right? Please, don't apologize. And, besides . . . It, well, the outfit, I mean," He tugged at his T-shirt. "Y-You looked really nice in it. V-Very . . . Really cute." He confessed, a gasp heard at the other end.

"O-Oh!" Makiko must have been surprised, by the sound of her voice. "Really? I-I didn't think about it that much since it was a costume. P-Perhaps I can buy it for next Halloween? It would be for the right time since Shirahana's family throws a Halloween celebration every year." She sound very excited, as happy and joyed as Takeru knew her for.

"Maybe?" He shrugged, a little doubt on the choice. The costume revealed a lot, and he didn't want anyone to be ogling at her in such a ruffled and lascivious costume. "It does look great on you."

"Really? Thank you, Takeru," Makiko beamed. "Actually, I also called to ask if you would want to hang out at my house later this week. My sisters and brothers haven't seen you in a while, and neither has Walker. My grandparents, too. Everyone would like to see you after what happened."

"Sure. I don't see why not." Takeru shifted on his feet, grimacing at how uncomfortable his boxers and pants felt. "I'll talk to you later, Makiko. I kind of have to start on dinner before my uncle gets back from work. We both of the night shift tonight." He said.

"Alright. I'll talk to you later. Oh, and Takeru?"


"I . . . I love you!"

Surprised by her outburst, he remained silent, looking back at the phone before pulling it back to his ear. "Makiko?"


"I . . ." A slow smile came to his face, his eyes dropping into a half-closed state.

"I love you, too."

A gasp was heard, and Makiko made a happy sound that almost made Takeru laugh. She was too cute for her own good.

"Ah, good! W-Well, goodbye!"

"See ya." He hung up and sighed in content, dropping back to the couch. His eyebrow twitched at the feeling in his boxers, remembering the business he had to take on earlier.

"Right . . . Gotta take care of that."


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